Watched - 2018

My IMDB reviews (since 1999)

(1)La Mante Series - French thriller - brilliant
(2)The Crown Series 2 - getting a bit tiresome.
(3)Friends, sinful, secret pleasure, watched all 10 seasons hadn't seen it before.
(4)Correspondence Perfectly awful
(5)Mudboundmovie - excellent
(6)Please like me 4 seasons - adored it
(7)The Post - excellent
(8)Wakefield - ho hum, review on IMDB
(9)Mr. Holmes - absolute dreck, review on IMDB
(10)Vengeance - Absolutely awful. My review is on IMDB. Watch if you want a good larf at Cage's wig.
(11)The Journey - 6/10 not bad, story of Paisley and McGuinness brokering peace for Northern Ireland. See IMDB
(12)Dirty Money - First Episode featured the huge fraud perpetrated by Volkswagen on falsifying their emissions data. Excellent.
(12)Retribution - Too many characters, a little implausible, scenery chewing script.
(13)The Good Catholic - awful ending.
(14)Altered Carbon - not sure about this, dropped after 2 episodes, too much shoot-em-ups in a world 250 years off. Seriously.
(15)The Five - watching this again, loved it first time round.
(16)A Boy Called PO - Magical autism, writ large with Burt Bacharach Music 'n all.
(17)The Secrets in their Eyes - appalling dreck with a stellar wooden cast and no plot. Avoid.

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