Friday, April 27, 2007

Now I can justify myself - a legitimate owl! {LINK}

Interesting link on the nightowl syndrome. I've always been one, since memory started kicking in. Reading with a flashlight under the covers. Seeing more dawns than most of my friends. Really getting into high gear around 3 a.m. when the writing muse usually strikes and I plough out a few chapters.

No interruptions, like phone or email or sounds of traffic or birds. The world is my oyster. Often the dog and I will go down to the lake and walk along the boardwalk in the bath of silence where each footstep resounds off the boards and I can hear the geese and swans ruffle their feathers in bird-dreams and the lake lisps on the stoney fringe of the shoreline.

Years ago I was given my power animal by an old aboriginal shaman and it was an owl. All seeing, sometimes wise. I never thought, until now having read the above article, that it also meant I was more efficient in the night. A true night-walker, -dreamer, -reader.

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