Friday, September 28, 2007

Darwin Award Candidate?

Sometimes, like yesterday, the local newspaper yields a nugget.
A 46 year old man in St. John's was up on charges for exposing himself in public. He had a previous conviction in 1991 for the same thing.

He chased two women (separately) on the same morning in a distinctive green van and exposed himself. They individually called 911 and he was easily spotted in his van by police and immediately arrested.

Now get this. His day in court arrives and I hereby quote from the newspaper, The Telegram:

McCormack, wearing a T-shirt bearing the Vienna Sausages logo with the words "King of Sausages," appeared nervous and wiped his hands with a tissue as he testified at his sentencing hearing in front of Judge Gloria Harding on Wednesday.

P.S. The women were unharmed, when accosted one even went so far as to tell him: "Put that thing away!"

P.P.S. He got sixty days.


  1. Thank goodness I never eat sausages. I don't think I would ever eat them again after reading that. I would keep thinking of the King of Sausages and it would be too much. At least he didn't try the same thing with Judge Gloria.

  2. Nick:
    I must admit to breaking down and eating them on occasion, especially when back in Ireland and the good old Chipelatas come out. But after this, it will never be the same!

  3. Yes exactly, I will not be stayin away from the devilishly delicious Ireland sausages but it will not be the same after reading this.
    We had a regular flasher at a park near the school I went to, secondary and high school same place but on either side of a road we had to use an underground tunnel built for students to use mainly for safety. Every couple of weeks this guy would show up and just flash open his coat quickly and close it we'd be: what was that! And run back or quickly run out on the other end. I don't think it scarred me but it helped me kick a man out of the train in Australia. He was masturbating to the sight of some school girls, he had a newspaper on his lap and on the corner of my eye I caught the movement. I was enraged, I stood up went to him and said give me the newspaper. He was horrified shook his head indicating no, I could see fear in his eyes though of getting caught. I then said give me the newspaper get out of the train or I will call the guards now. HE quickly zipped up and put the newspaper to the side, and got up, off the train the next stop.
    I wanted to kick his sorry sick little ass to be honest.
    On another note, I am really happy to see that the school girls in Ireland are wearing their skirts at decent length. In Australia it's outrageous and getting shorter every year.
    Sorry, rather long comment but had to be said! :)

  4. It gives a whole new meaning to a 'Full Irish' breakfast!

  5. LOL, GM, you had me snorting my cup of Barry's!!!

  6. Why not incorporate his exhibitionism into his punishment? They should tie him to a public post and let people point and laugh.
    That should cure him.

  7. good point Medbh, like the old song says:

    "An object all sublime I shall achieve in time, to let the punishment fit the crime, the punishment fit the crime...."

    But you know something? I think the Sausage would find it far too exciting....

  8. Gaye:
    I missed your good post, sorry.
    good for you and the train guy. In Canada the kilts are outrageous and wearing thongs underneath too. I'm so old I remember Sister and the ruler for mid-knee kilts....of course then I have to remember that I'm the generation that invented the mini (and micro!) skirt.
    PS I hope you're feeling better!


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