Sunday, August 24, 2008

Through a Glass Clearly

Photo taken through the Trinity Cooperage window, August 22nd, 2008

We're just back from a road trip to Trinity, a place that the word 'spectacular' doesn't do any justice. The harbour is beautiful, sheltering a town that has been carefully preserved. We explored the functioning forge and cooperage, museums and the churches and marvelled at the age of some of the tombstones. The weather was incredible also.

One of the highlights was a hike, considered one of the world's best, on the Skerwink Trail. It is approximately 5.4 km long, a little challenging in parts due to the climbing. But the views from the over 200' cliffs make it all worth while. Eagles soared, moose dawdled by and we ate wild blueberries along the way.

We stayed here at this great B&B. I'm a total fan of the B&B experience, apart from the friendliness of the owners one gets to meet travellers of all kinds and we actually spent time exploring restaurants and sharing dinners with our fellow B&B-ers in Trinity and of course exchanging life stories. Fascinating life stories. B&B-ers in Newfoundland share a sense of adventure and a thirst for the different and unusual. Being a writer, I so delight in these windows into the lives of others.

I don't know why Ontarians are depicted as dull, plodding, careful and predictable. We had a good laugh on the Skerwink trail. Not too many attempt it as it has an element of risk, but the hikers we encountered on the Skerwink were, without exception, all from Ontario!

PS: I'm heading up to Fogo and Twillingate with my granddaughter for a few days for our annual vacation together so I won't be on line until the end of the week. Happy end of summer all!


  1. Happy trails to you too WWW!

    I enjoy your travel tales. I'd love to see a moose, nearest I've got so far is watching DVDs of "Northern Exposure". ;-)

  2. Ah, how I envy you, WWW. Since returning from Britain in June I've hardly set foot outside the door. When I do I have to coat myself with disgusting DEET, or I'm eaten alive within minutes. American mosquitoes feast on British blood, it seems. Alas, from late May my "garden" quickly turns to a weed-infested jungle, the heat and humidity of central Illinois are too much to bear, and outdoor activity is confined to the dawn hours - provided one is well DEET-ed up.
    My wife and I have a three day weekend looming. In Britain, it would be an excuse to throw a bag in the car and head for some glorious beauty spot. Not in Illinois. From here, it's impossible to reach anywhere remotely beautiful, and return within three days, unless one flies.
    We plan to retire in three years and head for either Maine or northern Michigan - permanently. It can't come soon enough. Till then, I shall sit and stare at the photographs on your blog - and sigh forlornly.

  3. T:
    Here one gets to see the moose far too up close and personal as they are on the highways and as a result many drivers and passengers are killed and/or badly maimed during the year.
    They are not native to the province but were imported for sport at the beginning of the last century and now number around 60,000.
    10,000 get a licence every year to kill one per household. it is not enough to control their ever increasing numbers. They destroy many deciduous trees, etc.
    But they are huge and impressive. And I do feel sorry for them.

  4. Oh poor RJA, it sounds like a form of purgatory living in the heat and insects and humidity of central Illinois with no escape!
    Plan your migration to Maine in great detail to keep your mind sane. A lovely state. My dad and I toured there about ten years ago and had a wonderful time and the little port towns and villages are very similar to Newfoundland.
    I've only been to Chicago in Ill. and have not explored the rest of the state.
    I hope you get to some serious escaping for the 3 days, is there any lake-cabin-river country near?

  5. Sounds like you had a fabulous trip. Jenny and I stayed in B&Bs when we drove all round the Irish coast a few years back and most of them were great. But we tended only to stay one night so we didn't have much chance to chat to the other guests. It's fun when you can share travelling experiences and life stories together.

  6. The photo is lush and the trips sounds idyllic - lucky you!

    I can only dream of affording holidays at the moment, though I got away for a long weekend to Edinburgh Festival the other week.

  7. I got here via pondside.
    Lovely blog with great pics.
    So good to know that I'm not the only person who has an upstairs and downstairs book!I also have a in the car book for traffic jams!

  8. Nick:
    So glad you enjoy the B&B experience too, somehow I knew you and Jenny would!
    One of these days I do hope you get your dream vacation!
    Fire Byrd:
    Welcome and thank you! I didn't mention my bathroom book!!



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