Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ever Wonder Why More Women Don’t Run for Political Office?

{Above image is from Ms. O'Leary's campaign}

Misogynistic Neanderthals of any description usually move me to a kind of helpless rage on behalf of my fellow victims (read women) on this planet.

But a Newfoundland Neanderthal like Randy Simms, mayor of Mount Pearl, broadcaster of "Open Line" and unapologetic misogynist leaves me in appalled disbelief along with anger.

On his Newfoundland radio show Randy offers his following deep insight into women (a record number ran and won this year) in politics here in municipal council:

On Tuesday’s show, during a conversation with Long Harbour Deputy Mayor Ed Bruce Simms said, “There are two men and five women. Oh, my son you have my sympathy (laughter). You and Gary are not going to get your way on anything, you know that don’t you (laughter). It’s just going to be like being at home, buddy (laughter). We’re being nasty to your lady councillors aren’t we (laughter). No, you’re going to have a good crew out there.”
Sheilagh O’Leary (who won a record number of votes), one of the offended councillors, called in to complain about his sexism.

He told her she was too sensitive and to just get over it.

“My God I love that woman and now she’s, now she’s had to make herself out stupid around me. Damn I’m disappointed.”
Then he goes on, to put icing on the cake, so to speak:

“I’m disappointed for her really, not for me…because being part of a fringe element within a legitimate feminist movement is not a way to advance the cause of women’s rights.”

Emphasis mine.

Yeah, Randy. And you sure know about women’s rights, doncha buddy? Colour me fringe element.



  1. Good grief, the mind boggles! I hope there were lots & lots of complaints. It always amazes me that people like this still exist. Guess I'm part of the fringe too.

  2. Somebody give that man a lobotomy. Or throw him to some hungry wolves. Sorted.

  3. Conor:
    And I was surprised at the number of women who called in to support old Randy and then the fellows added to the fun by pretending their wives were interrupting their calls of support.

  4. Nick:
    We have still a long way to go for true acceptance without this kind of sexism.
    I've been yelling for so long my voice is hoarse.

  5. Trouble is, this kind of thing is often hidden in (apparent) jest. It's clear to those with ears to hear clearly, but many skim through it without really thinking of the implication of his words, so he gets away with it.

    Same thing happens on TV all the time. Anyone who complains is called "too PC", then PC-ness gets denigrated in total.....

    I've grown tired of trying to defend political correctness, which, when boiled down is nothing but common courtesy, and ought to come naturally to civilised, educated people.

  6. Girls, let me assure you of one thing: men who talk in this way, and display the great macho act, are merely overcompensating for their incredibly tiny penises. Trust me, as a man I've viewed them in many a communal shower-room after sports and athletic events.
    Probably the smallest male organs on earth inhabit parliaments, congressional chambers, and municipal offices throughout the planet.
    Next time you hear such egotistical banter, just smile knowingly.

  7. Guys who make sexist jokes and then accuse you of having no sense of humour when you don't laugh probably don't laugh either when the tables are turned (e.g., the remark about penile size). If we lived in an -ism-free world then maybe we could all laugh at the occasional dig at other sexes/races/religions/whatever. But we don't, so "making fun" is not funny or fun.

  8. this absolutely makes my blood boil.

  9. Don't worry, he probably only has about 3 listeners (one of whom is you!)

    Why dignify his show/give credence to his knuckle-scraping views by listening to it?

    The only women politicians who annoy me are those who have no interest in politics beyond childcare and women's health, thereby reinforcing all the cliches about them.

  10. Macho man, so lacking in self esteem. Women are here to stay and Randy needs to know that. He could do a little research of factual studies of the human brain, then he would know that we are just as intelligent and quite capable of leadership on a par with any male in the universe. How demeaning to all those who have single handedly raised their families while fathers choose to abandon them.
    Rights for all, sexism for none.

  11. @T:
    Respect, yes, that's what is needed. This man shouted at the councillor on the phone and wouldn't let her speak when she phoned in to complain.
    These are little men in every sense of the word.
    All we have to do is substitute disabled or negro or muslim to see how awful this kind of talk is.
    Mine still is.
    No, I don't ever listen to him, I picked this up on CBC news. He has the most listeners of any radio show here in NL.
    I truly believe these kind of guys are terrified of women. He needs therapy. He doesn't even GET it.


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