Saturday, November 05, 2011

Happy Fallter

We go from brilliant sunshine coaxing the very last of the leaves down from the trees on to a kind of saucy icy rain which drums its fingers on my windows for about five minutes. Then we move on to a curtain of fog descending over the headland across the bay from me. Then that evaporates, leaving ethereal trails around the houses.

I hear the plaintive call of My Three Loons and watch a few straggling Canada geese honk across the sky in a ragged formation. These are the bargain basement geese who can't seem to find enough of a cast to perform a first class V across the sky. The lazy arse ones who don't read their emails telling them to leave. Now. A month ago.

There should be a name for this season, this pause between Fall and Winter. Fallter I think. As here, certainly, it doesn't know what to make of itself as it falters and tests out some weather patterns that mix all the seasons up. Nothing to get a grip on yet, move along, nothing to see here.

I like it. I never know what to expect and hourly surprises are lovely.

I think I'll keep the Fallter.


  1. I like Fallter, we have it right now and long may it last.

  2. My friends on the island have posted photos of the beautiful Fallter weather. Oh, how I miss my home! If NL would please hurry up and get midwifery established so I could work there, I would be much obliged.

  3. Pune weather is faltering too. Not quite your kind though! It swings from warm to cold and humid to dry from hour to hour. It is not easy on the recovering body I can tell you!

    Climate change!

  4. I wish I could just hit reset and have May start up again. sigh.

  5. Fallter it is - or autumber? - though that has a rather somber sound. I like the indecisive weather, too but this year we seem to be in the Extreme Zone,. We had an earthquake (albeit a small tremor), a hurricane, a tornado, and an October nor'easter, all within weeks of each other!

  6. I think Falter started here today. I was actually foul mooded because of the cold and it's just beginning. What am I going to do in December?

  7. I like your new season! We Falltered a bit in Oklahoma last evening - a 5.6 earthquake.
    We felt it too! :-)

  8. Fallter is good, although fall is autumn here.

    I must be mad, but I am actually looking forward to weather which is so bad that I am forced to stay indoors.

    Don't remind me what I said here in a month's time, please, that would be most unkind.

  9. GM:
    Nothing wrong with a few extra seasons, is there?
    Two Hands:
    If I was of child bearing age I would try and oblige and scream for one particular midwife only!
    Oh Ramana:
    That must be very hard on your healing!
    Nah, gimme fall and fallter any day.
    Or maybe Autwin? And you moved far away from Fallter with the extremes you're having!
    I know our aging bodies do not do well with cold anymore. I used to run around in a sweater and headband. Now gloves and a hat and coat and scarf are de rigeur.
    Yes my Oklahoma friend was with us at rehearsal today and she had spoken to her mother who felt it and the aftershocks, very troublesome as she said Oke is not used to earthquakes and the bridges are not built to withstand them.
    Ha! We will wait and see but winter IS writing weather and I'm in your frame of mind!

  10. Falter it is...a bit of sun...a bit of freezing rain...a bit of sun. I'm spending time in the Pacific Northwest and we are in full Falter. Which means the trees turning colors brilliantly...snow covered mountains...lov'n it!
    It's easier to bundle up than to stripdown...besides if one gets bucked down, one rolls better...

  11. Ya never know what the weather will do here upon the great inland sea during the months whose names end in berrrrr!!Warm and sunny here right now.I think that I will adopt your word Fallter. OK?

  12. Fallter is a good coinage. We're in the midst of it here, too. One day, low sun and blue skies; the next, grey and damp in all directions. And chilly throughout.


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