Watched 2017

Line of Duty 10/10

Night Train to Lisbon 8/10

White Helmets 8/10

Sherlock 8/10

Mr. Turner 10/10

Black List uneven, James Spader riveting. 7/10

13 Reasons Why 10/10

The Whole Truth 2/10. Cheap copy of Witness for the Prosecution

Downton Abbey - Seaon 6 binge-watched. AKA "Frocks" Candy.

Last Tango in Halifax - Seasons 3 and 4. Rapid descent from a great Season 1 into farce and dim soap opera. Waste of a good cast.

Big Eyes 8/10

The Minimalist 9/10

Scientist Nye 1/10 - he irritates me.

Jon Benet play concept - 7/10 interesting.

The Keepers - Netflix 7 part Documentary - 10/10 - Brilliant.

To the Bone 7/10

The Last Word 8/10 Shirley Maclaine - surprisingly good.

Le Weekend - Jim Broadbent could read the phonebook to me. Enjoyable take on a long marriage. 8/10

A Man Called Ove - 8/10 but not as good as the book

Miss Julie - unrated just awful

Vexed - irritating.

House of Cards Season Five - brilliant.

The Company of Strangers - on NFB, about old age. Lovely underrated film

The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies - wonderful

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  1. Have you seen The Unforgotten? I recommend if you have not. I agree with your comment about Last Tango; Nicola Walker much better in Unforgotten.


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