Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh go léir
(which is saying the same good wish in Irish!)

My daughter finally arrived on December 28th and in one of those Monty Python moments, I wasn't at the airport to greet her so she had to call me as she stood forlornly outside Moncton airport. The airline website, which I had been consistently checking for ETA had posted an arrival time of an hour later (still on Toronto time, I guess!). However, all was well and it was so good to see her after all the delays, flight cancellations and returns to Toronto.

We got caught in a bad snowstorm in Quebec, so bad that the winter tires of the car kept sliding backwards down the many steep hills and we found a delightful 1814 B&B in a small village. The husband and wife owners didn't have a word of English so our rusty high school French was dragged out and aired and we had an amazing conversation around the fire. His French was impeccable (le francais vieux, he called it) and he was one of 15 children raised in the old place all of whom are still alive. He hauled out his incredible wood carvings to show us.

Morning dejeuner was crepes along with bacon and eggs. Bonus were the four pots of different homemade jam, one of which still held the taste and scent of their summer roses.

Today we are in a Cornwall, Ontario, hotel that offers delightful food, swims, etc and a most delicious festive dinner last night.

Today we will finally reach our destination of Toronto - a total of 3000 km for me from start to finish.

I offer you all my New Year's wish:

May the road ahead lead your tread
To vistas both small and grand.
May your wonder never cease
And your health always please
While contentment stays close at hand.



  1. Delighted to hear the rendezvous with your daughter was completed at last!

    Warmest New Year Wishes to you and yours, WWW. Big hug!

    Looking forward to your future posts from The Big City.

  2. The evening at the old B&B sounded amazing. Happy new year to you and yours!

  3. Glad your daughter finally made it. A very happy new year to you both.

  4. of course you weren't at the airport. of course the website had it wrong. the gods were looking for symmetry, i think.

    that b&b sounds like a great find. i remember making the drive from montreal to tadoussac one autumn and not finding anyone along the way who spoke english. we loved it there.

    happy hogmany!

  5. Staying in a surprise B&B with obligatory French, lots of wood carvings and homemade jam sounds like a very novel way of ending the year. I hope 2009 is full of similar delights.

  6. Glad it all worked out at the end and you had a wonderful time at the B&B. Wishing you many more wonderful adventures and memorable gatherings in 2009!
    Lots of love dear WWW,

    PS: I just came back after a 4 day holiday on the coast (2.5 hours north of Sydney), beach, dolphins, snorkelling, lazing about, small but lovely fireworks at a country club, wine and seafood dinner, icecream and well, sunburn. YAY!


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