Sunday, July 26, 2009

More on friendship.

And speaking of friendship - here's a lovely award from my blog-friend Irene, now displayed on the long hall of my sidebar (the award, silly, not Irene!).

I was inspired by my last post to mull over my friendships both past and present and possibly future.

What constitutes a friendship?

Here’s my list:

It is often the gut instinct (intuition) of just plain liking a person.

It is sometimes pursuit of the one by the other.

It is common interests.

It is shared values.

It is often unexpected.

It is being open to the new.

It is not expecting the status quo to remain as such.

It sometimes calls for far more selfless effort from one of the friends.

It is often disappointing.

It is cemented over trials and tribulations rather than joy.

It is trust.

It is a mirror.

It is non-judgemental.

At times, it feels the pain of the other.

It shares the joy.

It can hurt, seriously and painfully.

It's laughter.

Sometimes it’s loans: of stuff, of money, of a shoulder.
It is food, cooked, hot and ready.
It is a cuppa.
It is full of surprises.
It is intense longing.
It is hurt.
It is standing back.
It is coming forward.
It is raw emotion.
It is bride.
It is bridesmaid.
It is godparent.
It is godchild.
It is “I’m here.”
It is “I’m outta here.”

More, on the next post, about friendships. Specifically, my friendships.


  1. What a great list.

    I might keep it as a reminder of how I should be for others.

  2. That's one hell of a requirement list, you must care for the person an awful lot to be able to be all those things for them.

  3. I've always found close friendships very elusive. Maybe I'm not open or giving or caring enough. You're lucky to have had so many deep and valuable friendships, they must have enriched your life in so many ways. I look forward to your further reflections on the subject!

  4. I just go with the gut...and trust!

    Wonderful list.

  5. A lot of boxes to tick there, WWW!
    I'd fall short on many counts, I fear.

    I've had lots of acquaintances but very few true friends - mainly it has been my life partners and close family who have filled this niche. But yes, I think I can tick most of those boxes in their cases. Surprised myself there!:-)


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