Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We interrupt this blog...

To celebrate my 4 years of blogging with 393 posts, and to totally sympathize with millions of Americans over this poll:

Yeah, that's right folks, Jon Stewart - he's a comedian. And he's the most trusted newscaster in the U.S..

And I bring you a cartoon that just about says it all about the rest of the newscasters who didn't make the cut:


  1. The Daily Show is brilliant. Comedians often have a shrewder take on the news than the studiously "neutral" news presenters. The best British news commentary is Have I Got News For You which ruthlessly dissects everything and panders to no one. Bremner, Bird and Fortune do the same.

    The Twin Towers comment says it all. Unfortunately many people are incapable of seeing a situation in reverse or putting themselves in someone else's shoes.

  2. Happy Blogiversary!
    I do love the Daily Show - we used to watch it avidly (we'd get it a couple of days later here in the UK) until we were forced to change TV providers (moving from Cable to Freeview) and lost the channel that it was broadcast on :-(

    Love the Cartoon...

  3. Happy 4th Birthday Blogging WWW! Heres to many more. I like Nick, am an avid listener to 'Have I Got News For You' on BBC Radio 4. We too, need a shake up in some of our newscasters, yet I am not sure who I would suggest.

    Voice plays a big part in the situation for me. If the voice in thin and tinny I don't take in a word of what they say. Make it rich and melodious and I am won over right away drinking in every word.

  4. On the ball, as always, WWW. It's good to come home and catch up on old friends. I've just spent a pleasant half hour perusing your last half dozen offerings.

  5. Many Happy Blogging Returns, WWW!
    I always enjoy my visits here. :-)

    Sadly we don't get the channel carrying Jon Stewart's TV program. I occasionally see him in a YouTube offering, and can see why people like him so much.

    I admire Shepard Smith from, of all places, Fox News. And Bill Maher kept me sane for my first few years in the USA.

    Very clever "Sarcasm" poster !

  6. Congrats and I am not shocked by the Jon Stewart result. But what a sad state of affairs.

  7. @Nick:
    Yes, I've always enjoyed Jon Stewart but it is a sad commentary when he's one of the few telling the truth in the news!
    thank you!
    Thanks! I agree on voice, well modulated, quiet competence, etc.What passes for 'news' these days is enough to make one weep.
    Thanks, we've all missed you but I'm glad you're girding the loins for more battles!
    thank you!
    Bill Maher's great except when he airs his misogynism. Speaking of Bills - Moyer can do no wrong in my book.
    And thank you! It is such a shame that reputable journalists are so thin on the ground.

  8. Nothing surprises me anymore coming from the great land of the ignorant. To think I became an American once almost!

    Happy Blogaversarry! I hope you do many more of these.


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