Wednesday, August 05, 2009

What am I offered for a slightly used Senate?

Does anyone else get the feeling that governments everywhere are waiting for Tinkerbell to appear and make everything all better? I keep reading/hearing/seeing that we have ‘turned the corner’ on the economy, markets are on the ‘upswing’ and peak oil, no, no, no such thing.

Forget about Bush and his Keystone Cabal hiding all the evidence of climate change during his sad and sorry terms of office and Halliburton/Blackwater playing a brand new version of Murder Inc., over there – look here comes Tinkerbell!

Well not in Arizona, no sirree Bob, seems like in Arizona, Dems Wot Rules are planning on selling the State Capital Building. And the Senate Building. Seriously.

Pull up yer chair and read all about it.

Could this be a prelude to the White House and its contents in a yard sale next Saturday?


  1. I don't think they're waiting for Tinkerbell, they're waiting for natural market mechanisms to bounce back and restore economic stability. Or some such conventional claptrap. Hopefully what will actually happen is that people's instinct for self-survival will find a collective way forward out of the current mess into some more creative and sustainable lifestyle.

  2. Well, it might as well be Tinkerbell, Nick coz none of what the Masters are bleating is about to happen.
    But the transfers of wealth from the tax payer to the corporocats continue unabated.
    And Arizona are stealing the last few bits and pieces from under their very noses it seems.

  3. Those Arizonian Democrats swallowed way too many "mushrooms" if you ask me! I mean what else one can do in the middle of the desert.... :):)

  4. Let 'em build a meeting place of timber, and dried cactus culled from their surrounding countryside. Why should they have palatial offices anyway?

    Vive la Revolution!!! ;-D

  5. It's a strange sort of optimism that we see in our country too. They laugh with clenched teeth and keep insisting things are getting better if just one thing seems to go an little better one single day than it did yesterday.They grasp at straws and claim to have found the needle in the haystack. One drop in the glass and it is half full when we're all dying of thirst. Wounded lay by the wayside, yet victory is on it's way.

  6. I hear Osama bin Laden has already put in a bid for the Statue of Liberty.

  7. It is the same the globe over. Those in power let us who are not, pay for their mistakes. There seem to more and more of those in charge than there used to be, not just in government, but everywhere.

    I work as a very lowly admin worker for local government and there are several tiers of management above me. I keep asking what these managers actually do, but I don't get any answers. They seem to have meetings and that is about it.

    Oh and they "earn" a hell of a lot of money having these meetings which decide that the meetings they had lasy year came to the wrong conclusions and we need to change the set-up again. This will obviously mean lots more meetings and lots more sub-meetings.

    Do I sound as if I am just a grumpy old man? Yup, that's about it!


  8. @Nevin:
    that's one of the better explanations I've read!
    yes, it's like they're living on a different planet or something!
    You wonder what statistics they're using and how we can apply them to our own diminishing bank accounts to make them look better!
    Oh the meeting syndrome, that is all these people know what to do. I've been involved peripherally and had a civil servant father. It kills the very sympathies.


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