Monday, November 23, 2009


Boat at Anchor - Mall Bay 11/22/2009
Chill of coming winter
Coating the boaty bones
Riding high on the
Wavery water of Mall Bay.

I blow into my cold hands
Stepping around deserted
Crab pots and lobster pens
Mourning summer’s passing.

Remembering the rush of
Foliage and bright blossoms
Bursting fiercely forth
From the pungent earth

And boats sailing in
Weighted down, creaking
Beneath the ocean harvest.
All is silent. Waiting.


  1. Beautiful! So visual, my friend. I could see and feel it. And I love the rhythm of this poem and the alliteration. Ahhhh . . . .

  2. I like the sense of peace and serenity that comes from the poem. Very different from the hustle and bustle of Toronto!



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