Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Merry Mas

As a person who celebrates the solstices, yeah, call me pagan, whatever, I find the constant harassment of Christmas worshippers around me, well, stressful.

"Put Christ back in Christmas!!" bleat many, nearly in tears as they stagger from Mallwart with two laden trolleys of Chinese tat, clanking their way awkwardly across the parking lot. 

"Well, who took him out?" I want to shout back, "Happy Mas!"

And then I see a confidential note from Jesus (see picture above) posted and reposted across the vast etherworld of Facebook as an antidote to the - heaven forbid!  - admonition-wish-heresy of "Happy Holidays!"

I am forced to picture Jesus, on his not-birthday (born sometime in the spring, not winter as noted by eminent scholars) sobbing, broken-hearted, over the absence of Merry Christmas being said out loud by the English speaking section of this tiny planet. Mostly Mallwart people I'd surmise. 

I've never seen so many Jesus fans freak out so much at the innocuous sound of "Happy Holidays!" It gets savage, far, far removed from any Merry or Happy.

Do they not realize that Solstice was appropriated by the early Christians?
The Archbishop of Constantinople wrote that church fathers fixed the Nativity during the pagan holidays because "while the heathen were busied with their profane rites, the Christians might perform their holy ones without disturbance."
I'll let you dwell, but not for too long, on all those holy rites which make the profane of goat offerings seem seriously mild in comparison. And "without disturbance" brings starkly to mind centuries of child abuse.

Maybe I should respond to the hostile anguish of the Christ grievers:

"Return my stolen Solstice!"

I've got an excellent case.

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Blogger Hattie said...

How awful. Ignoring Xmas in both its holy and its commercial manifestations is quite easy where I live, thank God!!!

Tue Nov 27, 04:08:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Anonymous nick said...

All I can say is "I miss you saying it's okay to be an atheist. Or a Hindu. Or a Jew. Or anything you like, religious or non-religious. What's the problem?"

Tue Nov 27, 07:00:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


Newfoundland is about 99.9% Christian. We are completely outnumbered.


Tue Nov 27, 07:11:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


The intolerance and incomprehension of "others" when it comes to Christmas here is mind-boggling. It fills the coffers of the churches to overflowing at this time.


Tue Nov 27, 07:12:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Sharon said...

Well said.

Tue Nov 27, 07:44:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Secret Agent Woman said...

Not only that, but "holiday" means "holy day." How is it a less religious greeting?

But I think the idea that Jesus is sitting around on a cloud somewhere nursing a grudge because people aren't acknowledging his artificially assigned birthday in a very specific way (and not in even in his own language) is flat out absurd. And insulting. And intrusive. I'm not tempted to respond "Happy Mas!", I'm tempted to respond, "Fuck off!"

Tue Nov 27, 08:35:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Irene said...

In the Netherlands, we are mostly secular and we don't have the Christ in Christmas at all. You would not think that the two had anything to do with each other nor are they ever mentioned so in public schools. I think we harken back more to the pagan idea of worshopping the evergreen tree and adorning it. xox

Tue Nov 27, 09:09:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Anonymous Grannymar said...

Next time wish them Happy Gluttonfest!

Wed Nov 28, 06:24:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Twilight said...

We could avoid all detail and wish each other "Happy Everything", all the time, all year long, and if we all really meant it, it could solve a lot!

By the way I've been waffling on a kind of parallel theme today - re the year of His birth (not the day, particularly).

Wed Nov 28, 02:52:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Marc Leavitt said...

I told my nineteen-year-old son recently that I want him to follow his bliss and be nice to people. That's a year-round, life-long job.


To paraphrase Voltaire, I disagree with what you believe in, but I'll defend to the death your right to believe it. If you decide to worship a fire plug, be happy. Just don't bother me.

Wed Nov 28, 03:59:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks Sharon!


Wed Nov 28, 08:37:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

the whole idea is preposterous, I agree. Plus whenever I say secular, people want to know what/where/who I worship.


Wed Nov 28, 08:39:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Or your own left ankle. Whatever floats your boat as I say, if you feel the need to bow down and adore.
Yes I am aware of the Netherlands being a very strong bastion of human rights.

Wed Nov 28, 08:40:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

I've come up with some memorable ripostes, all unprintable I'm afraid and I do live here....

Wed Nov 28, 08:41:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

And "All the Time" but then that removes personal responsibility and introduces the Woo factor which I can't abide.

I'm looking forward to your post!!


Wed Nov 28, 08:43:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


Yes, I've done this with my children too.

YesI've always tried to practise Voltaire's message but find it oh so difficult in this HoHoHo season, far too long and frantic.


Wed Nov 28, 08:45:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Friko said...

I’ve caught up again. I need to read what you post, even if I’m late.
I want to be able to write and think and throw down words and challenges like you.

Christmas? I hate it when it’s called anything else, that’s the German in me. Weihnachten is special, particularly Holy Night. No Walmart, no shopping for presents, no overeating or drinking. No Church either, just tradition. Nostalgia with a capital N, homesickness, stories of days gone by and the way we were.

I haven’t had anything to do with organised religion for more than 50 years. Go figure.

Thu Nov 29, 08:11:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Friko said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thu Nov 29, 08:12:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Friko said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thu Nov 29, 08:12:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Friko said...

Sorry about the mess, www, blogger is playing up. O maybe it’s Google.

Thu Nov 29, 08:15:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Government Funded Blogger said...

Merry Mithramas my friend since December 25 is that god's birthday.

Thu Nov 29, 08:01:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


Yes, I've read about German Christmas and its many traditions.

We had lovelies in Ireland back then too, Midnight Mass and the tree and the simplicity.

I too was nostalgic but mainly for the uncomplicated child's view of it all.


Sat Dec 01, 12:52:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


So many gods, so little time!

And thanks for the lovely wishes and backatcha my friend!!


Sat Dec 01, 12:53:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Tabor said...

So true. The original idea of Christmas has been taken over by the commercial drive. There are also many holidays around this time of year...so Happy Holidays!

Mon Dec 03, 09:38:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

I love Christmas. To me it's a time associated with many joyful memories, and not a manger, nor a Jesus, among them. Happy solstice!
PS I'm guessing from your 'comment moderation' the Christians are once more displaying their (self)righteous Christian anger?

Tue Dec 04, 12:03:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


so many lovely holidays around this time, I embrace the season of joy and the beginning of the light!


Tue Dec 04, 12:30:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


Glad you are enjoying the season! No comment moderation bounces in after 7 days to eliminate the torrents of spam descending on my head. Spammers only target older posts.


Tue Dec 04, 12:31:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger SHANNON BAILEY said...

I am a Christian (former Wiccan). It truly sickens me when Christians chose THIS to fight about! War on Christmas? What war, if anything Christians started the war by absconding with the Pagan holiday of the same-ish date. I told a "friend" today that complaining about Xmas and Happy Holidays is like the spoiled child who took a toy away from a friend and then screamed when they took it back. So annoying! Trust me, there are better things to worry about! Get an angel from the angel tree and show love this holiday season instead of hate! It's called Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward man! Ok, I've vented! I'm going to have to keep reading your blog! Thanks for that.

Sat Dec 08, 12:37:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


Spoiled child indeed, you had me grinning at that.

We need a lot more goodwill on this planet. Sometimes I give up on it all.....


Tue Dec 11, 07:38:00 PM GMT-3:30  

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