Thursday, November 15, 2012


Outrage in Cork City yesterday.

A victim of the back rooms

Of clinking glasses

With the best brandies

Underlain with guffaws of the

Old Boys in striped school ties

And holy Roman Collars

In union with the hearty

Fellows of the Dail

All hardy-harring to keep uppity

Women in their places.

A world where zygotes in

Uteri are revered, unattainable

As the rest of their mythology.

Until birthed of course

When they are fair game.
Update: Here is a link to the Guardian's article on Savita.

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Blogger Sabine said...

It makes my blood boil and the worst is that they will just get away with it.

Thu Nov 15, 02:06:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Anonymous nick said...

Me too, it makes me so incredibly angry that a woman in the prime of life had to die needlessly in the name of inhuman religious dogma.

Thu Nov 15, 02:14:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Twilight said...

I'd missed the reports of this, WWW.
Dreadful, tragic. The husband must feel......well, I cannot even find words.

It's heartening, though, to see the strong protests going on over there.

That's a good angry poem WWW - I can only say "Hear, hear!"

Thu Nov 15, 02:26:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

I've tried to express my (literally) overwhelming rage against these hypocritical bastards who murder so blithely.

Thu Nov 15, 03:14:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

I honestly don't know what to do with my rage and my tears, it has opened up a floodgate of grief.

Thu Nov 15, 03:15:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

This savagery has gone viral and global and I call shame, shame on these Irish statue worshipping callous ignorant clowns who throw women's lives under the bus and turn blind eyes to the thousands of Irish women who seek abortions annually in England.

Thu Nov 15, 03:17:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Orla Hegarty said...

Namaste and perfect.

And thank-you.


Thu Nov 15, 03:19:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks my pet.

Thu Nov 15, 04:14:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Secret Agent Woman said...

Damn. I hadn't heard about this one, and googled it. It's shameful and wicked for the church - any sort of religion - to legislate women's bodies. This story just twists my gut.

Thu Nov 15, 08:40:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Mine too, I just can't seem to get over it, it boggles my mind with the absolute open air criminality of it.

Thu Nov 15, 11:28:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Annie said...

I hope the worldwide outrage provoked by this horrible incident will bring pressure to bear on Irish politicians to clean up their act. Truly horrible. All fertile Irish women take heed, you are not safe.

Fri Nov 16, 10:15:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Fri Nov 16, 12:39:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Friko said...

Bastards. All men, no doubt, and all bigots. Hateful.

Just caught up on your posts: if you recommend this thriller, I’ll have to get it and as for the muse having fled, tell me about it. Blasted blogging.

I don’t even have much time to read anymore. What am I going to do? Start choosing the blogs I read and comment on more carefully? That would be a good idea. Yours isn’t getting half the attention from me it deserves. Blast.

Fri Nov 16, 05:08:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Anonymous Grannymar said...

I was completely unsettled by this too. Perhaps is is because we saw our mothers suffer the horrors of miscarriage and realise that Ireland has not moved forward in sixty years!

Fri Nov 16, 05:29:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Government Funded Blogger said...

Lets say what it is MURDER.

Friko:. "All men, no doubt", Be careful who you tar with the same brush!!

Fri Nov 16, 06:10:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Every woman in Ireland has been brought to a political level on this, which is great.

Posters are going around already for the 2013 "Gathering" when every son/daughter of the "republic" is invited back to feast, etc. A wag has already put underneath " except pregnant women".


Fri Nov 16, 09:51:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Friko, Friko:
I've never seen so many blasts from you!

I think wee Miller is wearing you out.




Fri Nov 16, 09:52:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, GM, all the chickens came home to roost and all at once.

If this doesn't shake up Irish women for once and for all, nothing will.

A country haunted by - ? peasants, priests and pixies. We were insulted when that was said many years ago, but truly, yes, Ireland is.

Lovely seeing on you the 'tube, your voice so mournful. Well done!


Fri Nov 16, 09:55:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, I've been calling it that.

And reading what Friko wrote, I do believe she meant the criminals behind the murder of this lovely young woman.


Fri Nov 16, 09:56:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I had not heard of this
and clicked the link
How horrible that something
can happen in this day...
So sad and I sit here weeping for her.

Sat Nov 17, 06:13:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Molly said...

Appalling. And I though the country had finally dragged itself out of the dark ages.

Sun Nov 18, 04:37:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Anonymous Dick Jones said...

Nice and sardonic! Verse working well as a voice of conscience.

Sun Nov 18, 07:26:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Molly said...

I asked my sister about this on the phone yesterday and she said, while Savita and her family have huge sympathy in Ireland, the Irish are also a bit disgruntled that it took Savita's death to make this barbarism hit the headlines. A sister-in-law of hers had to carry a baby the doctor knew was dead for two weeks until it was expelled "naturally!" And she says it's common to hear of such tragedies. I though the Fir Bolg were ancient history.....though they'd probably have been more humane.

Mon Nov 19, 09:47:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


My mother suffered for years with this brutal procedure:

Absolutely barbaric and primitive. Fir bolg? LOL


Wed Nov 21, 09:54:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


I'm still profoundly affected. I know it has a lot to do with my own mother.


Wed Nov 21, 09:55:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Thank you Dick and welcome.


Wed Nov 21, 09:56:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Thank you Dick and welcome.


Wed Nov 21, 09:56:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Jo said...

I couldn't stop crying when I read about this. This was nothing short of murder, and I wish that I could believe that those responsible (politicians as well as doctors) would be held to account.

How, in this day and age, can it be possible that a person's life is worth less than the dogma of a myth?

Sun Nov 25, 04:42:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.

Only women are subjected to such barbarism.

it makes me sick.


Mon Nov 26, 06:19:00 PM GMT-3:30  

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