Monday, November 24, 2014


A view from the Tigeen today. Gorgeous November weather.

Thanks for all the support, some private, some commenting on my last post.

I surprised myself by climbing back on the saddle almost immediately and I must say my output has been prodigious in the last while. Two short stories, one brand new and a play sent off for performance in February. Off. Did you hear that? Off.

I do apologise for not visiting all of you as frequently as I did. But amends will be made.

I have to put the head down and novelize in the next wee while as the creative juices have never been better. In quite a long while.

I wish I could bottle it when I feel this engaged with writing and over the hump of personal misery and/or writer's block you know? And give it away for free to all you toiling writers out there.

I decided to move the writer's domain out of the office and into what I call the family room (the old kitchen). I keyboard and edit in front of the fire with a rolling unit that holds printer and laptop and files and binders I can shove out of the way as needs be. It seems to really work quite well. I shut down the Tigeen today. The lowering sun does not charge up the panels in the winter and the outside rain barrel hosepipe to the sink freezes in the frost.

A friend and I are working on a small supplemental wind turbine to provide additional power.

And this, my friends, is what's happening next door. In its third month of digging. The camera can't quite capture the vastness of landscape destruction. I just about cry when I look over. So I won't.


  1. May the words flow like a fresh mountain stream for many a long day!

    I love to sit by the fire with my laptop, working, reading & catching up with friends.

  2. What a horrible mess they've made of the landscape. I hope they plan to restore it when they've finished whatever they're building. But with profit-hungry developers, who knows?

    Glad you're over the writer's block....

  3. Thanks Nick, I've never seen anything like it and I must do something about land use legislation here. I can't blame them for taking advantage at all, boyz and their toyz, there will be at least a 6,000 sq foot shed behind the 4,000 sq foot summer "cabin".

  4. The wind turbine project sounds interesting. I hope that you will post details with photos as it progresses.

  5. Attagirl!
    Sorry to see the landscape wreckage though - a neighbour here has spent the day removing trees from his front garden. The noise of trees being cut down is one of the worst I know. xx

  6. I sympathize. Right now some builders are making a mess out of a lot at the end of our neighborhood. Maybe you could look upon this as the irritant in the pearl that is causing you to be so creative.

  7. Thank you for your words of encouragement over at my place ~ so good to hear from you:) I love the sound of enthusiasm in your voice around your current projects. One foot in front of the other, right?

  8. I'm so glad to hear that you're in one of those wonderful phases when the writing flows so easily. If you ever do bottle up the essence of deep engagement in your writing, I'll volunteer to be the first tester.

    I looked at the picture of what's happening next door to you and then turned to look out my window at the open prairie land next door and wonder. It's not as picturesque as your scene once was, but it's filled with wildflowers and darting small birds every springtime, howling coyote and the occasional wolf and bobcat at night and grazing deer all year long.

  9. The destruction would make me cry, too. It seems so very unnecessary.

  10. Beauty view from the Tigeen.
    Here in Ontario where I live land use is tightly controlled and the would be yobs face large fines if they try to mess with the bylaws and they do try.


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