Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hangin' with my new friend.

Through a variety of circumstances which I won't get into here I'm spending a huge quantity of time with a 28 year old young woman. To my astonishment, we never run out of conversation and she has invested quite a degree of trust in me which warms my heart. I'd never met her before. And from an initial standoffishness I see how her face lights up when she sees me now and she introduced me to her 4 year old on the phone tonight. (She's lost custody of her babies)

She asks me intelligent questions about my life, how I came to this point, did I like being a mother, my job, my relationships.

She mentioned that she was going to a big birthday party for her grandmother in a few weeks' time and it was the first birthday she would ever attend for a really old person.

I asked her how old her grandmother was.

"Oh," she said, thinking for a minute,"70 or 80 I guess."

I guess we all look the same to the young'uns when we cross that old 40-50-60 mark.

But the sweetest thing, when I dropped her off at her parents' home tonight she says:

"Now you be sure to text me when you're safely in your door, k?"

I seriously can't remember when that was said to me last.


  1. Nice ... and I bet you're learning a lot.

  2. Receiving the gift of new friendship and especially with younger people is so wonderful. Lucky you. Lucky her.

  3. Having such caring young people in one's senior status is nice and the way you have written about it is nicer.

  4. Reminds me of the traditional farewell here in Ireland - "Safe home". I guess to a young person, anyone with wrinkles is old, and anyone with loads of wrinkles is unbelievably old.

  5. That is nice. You are lucky. I'm so out of touch with that age group.

  6. That is nice. You are lucky. I'm so out of touch with that age group.

  7. That sounds like the beginnings of a new friendship.

  8. I was going to say somebody taught her well or she might have taught herself. It was very sweet and I think that friends of mixed ages can bring a lot to each other's life. Sounds like that for the two of you.


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