Sunday, May 29, 2016


I didn't think I could have fun again, so much loss my dears. So much I didn't write about the half of it, it sounded like so much fiction. Like a fantastical situation, my gawd, you'd say, the woman has to be exaggerating. So I didn't. I just carried it. Sometimes not so bravely. Under covers. Not functioning too well. Performing life, one might say. Knowing life will never be the same again is a huge adjustment. Knowing that those who purportedly love you absolutely do not.

And then this little one walks into my life in a hell of a mess. I've written about her here and here.

And the fun starts to happen. She is dyslexic but has a photographic memory so if she's seen something once, her memory stores it. Very handy in a store where I was looking for a small fan for a bedroom and she whizzed off and came back with one small white convertible one and I said "perfect". And we laughed. And she got her hair streaked foiled today for the first time in her life and she looks amazing. And she bought stuff for her kids and a big rosebush for her mother and a special halogen light bulb for her father ("how do you know which one?" - "my photographic memory!"). And she was so full of joy and gratitude and just plain into life that I realized that for the last week or so, some huge black heavy object has been lifted from my heart. And it's all due to her pushing me out of my own misery and she wouldn't even be aware of that. She connected me with fun again.

I see the world through her eyes and she's funny and talky even though her life story would make you cry for her. She doesn't cry for herself.

I hope she makes it. I truly do. And so far so good at 2 weeks and 2 days.


  1. How great the young lady is re-introducing you to fun, and you two are spending time together.

  2. I'm so happy that this is happening for you both and I hope it continues. I too am cheering her on!

  3. so happy for you
    you make me smile
    this morning :)

  4. I join you in wishing her the best and also send you best wishes that you continue having fun.

  5. Late I've come to your world! I can't read fast enough or long enough to get your whole story...I wonder if your "About Me" is up-to-date? Do you run a B&B? Are you a published write? Where do you run into such interesting people? My questions are endless.

  6. People like that, full of boundless optimism and happiness, are a wonderful tonic and a reminder to blast all the gloom out of your own soul for a while. Glad you're connected with fun again!


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