Saturday, January 28, 2017

Day 5

The worst of it is that thoughts don't leave me rest. Unbidden, often of the past. I occupied myself sorting out the android and its feeds. It wasn't doing what I told it to. Dropping favourites, reinventing newbies which were of no interest. That kept me in bad temper, but busy, for a while. It turned out there were two similar feeds clashing with each other. Order is now restored and so are favourites.

I Doctor Googled myself and found that my two underlying health issues were not helping this overlying issue: Da Bug. I may have to go to doc on Monday if I don't feel better. I see the specialist on Wednesday at the hospital which I feel quite hopeless about. I know. But it's the way I feel in this shallow-breathing painful world I live in at the moment.

Over the years I've gotten to know fellow bloggers in many ways. Often face to face or through emails and snail mails and gift exchanges. Many are of similar bent or political leanings. One, who has been a blog friend since I started blogging way back, and blogged frequently and eloquently, made the announcement today that she has terminal lung cancer. This hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn't stop crying.

There have been a few such losses over the years. It surprises me how very close we can feel in the ether to each other. And the huge void that is created by absence.

I send her sustaining light and love through the challenges ahead. And yes, it puts my own tribulations at the moment into some sort of perspective.


  1. I am so sorry about your blogger friend. Having lost a couple of such friends myself, I understand the void of which you speak. I do hope the doc is a help to you. I am still sick myself.

  2. Oh E, we're in bad shape aren't we? The only way is up. Misery loves company. My lungs feel fractionally better tonight, not the decibel level hack I've had for the past days.
    Speedy healing there for you E!


    1. What is this lung thing? I can barely function I am so short of breath, and dizzy. I can't complete a sentence when I make my doctor appts. I heard pneumonia is like this. I will be at the doctor too on Monday. Must cab it, I'm scared to drive. First it was Shingles. Then cold, then flu with other stuff and now? Do we just start to fall apart after the big 7? I used to think this kind of thing would never happen to me. A cold once in three four years, maybe.

      Gaaa. It's quite comforting to know I have a doppelganger in this though. Keep telling me how we're doing. I may be too weak to type. Ho!

  3. That's hard. I have lost a couple of close blogger friends - one to lung cancer and one to a heart attack. I grieved hard over both.

  4. I was sick between Thanksgiving (October) and the New Year, I thought it would never end. Knock on wood (bangs head with fist) I'm OK now. Being sick sucks, especially when it seems like it is the new normal. Depressing. I got my little flu from a neighbour who was far worse than me for far longer, she finally went to the doc and found out she had double pneumonia. Drugs made a dramatic improvement. She's positively bouncy now.

  5. two best blogger mates (Ms) so poorly. I am hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel for both of you. Your Anon. commentator is right - it seems that after the big 7, we do begin to fall apart. I've had to start carrying an emergency note in my purse: No heroics if something bad happens unexpectedly, no CPR etc. I hope they take notice. Hugs to you xx

    1. Doctor did that thing; told me several of his nursing home patients had died of the flu in the past two weeks, most who had the flu shot.
      Me me me I was saying. I got told. Fluids, fresh air, relaxation and ice cream. Well maybe not the latter. But that's gotta be good right? THe Big 7. We still here. We've still got fight.

      I thanked my Arabic Libyan doctor, and wished him safety. He looked sobered. Nodded. Held the door for me and wished me a good day and "Remember what I said". Yessir.

  6. Well, I'm over the initial shock of getting lung cancer and am now strategizing. Not dead yet, so hold the wake!

  7. Just read
    and so true what you share
    I just have crippling arthritis - can hardly walk
    but told everything else is fine.
    So thankful but have to be very careful that I do not have
    another fall.
    Do not like this
    but guess it is what it is..
    Thinking of you
    when you have an answer
    at least you have an idea of what is going on...

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