Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 6

In these unbelievable times I'm cheered by, as Mr. Rogers so aptly called them many years ago, The Helpers.

The Uprisings everywhere. The humour in the face of unbelievable stupidity and racism. Lawyers coming together to defend the most vulnerable. (Does 45 even get the fact that these refugees are fleeing from a carnage his country created? Don't bother answering)

The Helpers are everywhere.

Our own Prime Minister tweeted this:

Yeah, the man can tweet.

And this, this, made me lol/sob:

And got me thinking of how it really must be in 45's Orange House.

The Masters of the Universe have never been more visible.

I watched Noam Chomsky's doc again last night. Wow, prescient. I highly recommend.


  1. I escape at least for watch, in times like these. The BBC comedy link I put here, and more recently Pride and Prejudice. I think they were therapeutic. I can breathe today.

    The 'nets are on fire over a man who bashed a woman at a women's march, another man who murdered two elderly people and a man who murdered two grandparents and g'son toddler, and ... oh s*** just give me Jane Austen and Judi Dench.

    I have done what I can. I changed clinics to an Arabic doctor. His last post was NFLD. They are still waxing on on his RateMD about how he was the most wonderful doc in the world. We have to start somewhere. Patronize Muslim and Arabic and Syyrian and Israeli businesses and remember, you ALL came here from somewhere else, unless you are indigenous.

  2. US Judge Ann M. Donnelly, another Helper. They're coming out of the woodwork.

  3. I'm very encouraged by the huge resistance to Trump's wild edicts and policy statements. Everyone is opposing him from State Governors and Attorneys General down to ordinary folk in the street. I was afraid people would just shrug their shoulders apathetically and let him run riot.

  4. The state of Washington, where I'm currently being held hostage by cardiologists, seems to be one big helper, led by the gov and AG. They are also on the verge of asking to join Canada.

    1. Tell us more, is that for real?

    2. Calif. group wanting to secede growing larger. Maybe Oregon will join us and we can all hook up together.

  5. 45 only cares about himself. It is no use expecting him to view things differently. Steve Bannon, the white nationalist founder of Breitbart, is actually running 45 and he has said he wants to take the system down and is using 45 to do that.

  6. I sincerely hope the resistance is enough.

  7. That video is so funny -- if it all wasn't so true!

  8. If these are "interesting times", I think I'd rather be living in boring ones for a while, to catch breath!

    Speaking of which (catching of breath) WWW - so sorry to read, back a few posts, that you are sick from some virulent upper respiratory tract etc. bug. I do hope the worst is now passed. Feel better soon! (((Hugs)))

  9. I'm starting to be proud of us! American institutions are holding better than I thought they would.
    No undue optimism here, but I am so proud of the people at every level of society who are protesting and pushing back against Trump, even in the face of threats. You didn't see the Germans doing that in '32!

  10. "Yeah, the man can tweet."

    LOL that's exactly what I was thinking. What a beautiful message though. Something (one of many) to aspire to as a nation, for sure.


  11. I laughed out loud at the video too. Thanks for posting that!


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