Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gros Morne

It has to be one of the most spectacular places in the world. Gros Morne National Park. A World Heritage Site. Fjords, mountains, lakes, beaches, fishing villages. And the most phenomenal trails and hikes.

And we finally made it there. The grandgirl and I. We've been trying to get there for 6 years now. But keep getting distracted by the sidetrips we sidle into on our way there. That's the way we travel. It would drive most people mad, I suspect. But we often say to each other: it's not about finding places, it's about places finding us. And this year we kind of meandered there. Newfoundland is quite staggeringly enormous. It's only one of ten provinces of Canada (there are also three territories) but having seen most of them, I have to say it is the most beautiful. In every way. Its vistas, its people, its sense of community, its music, its proud history. So after driving about 700 kilometres from where we live, we reached Gros Morne. The jewel in the crown of Newfoundland and Labrador.

We stayed in a lovely cabin at Cosy Corner Cottages and used this as our base of operations. The hikes we took were spectacular, encompassing many different types of terrain, wetlands, woods, marshes and cliffs.

We spent a whole day on Shallow Beach, which curved into a gentle 4 kilometre silken strand with terrific swimming.

All in all, another awesome annual vacation for the two of us.


  1. Wisewebwoman, how fortunate we are to have visited Gros Morn, it is breathtaking and it left a lasting impression on me as I felt so insignificant and so close to the arth, closing the doors on all the violence our country here in the US manufactures every day. The closest I have ever been or shall ever be to Heaven.Warm & friendly people and yes their Newfoundland music all great memories to treasure.

  2. I'm going to have to live to be very old, to see all these beautiful places. I am interested in the temperature of the water in that swimming place. When I was a kid I sawm in Maine water, but no more. Surely Newfoundland water is as cold as Maine?

  3. It looks fantastic, well worth the 700k journey! As Marbur says, what a contrast between somewhere so beautiful and peaceful and the awful violence humans are inflicting on other humans elsewhere on the planet. Is it as uninhabited and empty as it looks?

  4. Lovely! I was in Gros Morne over a decade ago, I guess I'm due for another trip! I camped in two places in the park, one was by a beach, maybe the same beach?

    I travelled up the northern peninsula and spent a lot of time listening to Newfie talk radio. Very smart folks there. And laughed myself silly at the jokes a local woman told in her role as Viking slave at the l'Anse aux Meadows Viking site. Every question we tourists asked she had a smart witty response to, just couldn't stump her.

    Hope you are weathering the storm well

  5. I've just had a wee geography lesson via Wiki - I'd never heard of Gros Morne, WWW. Sounds wonderful!

    It's good to read that you've had such a super vacation with grandgirl. :-)

  6. WWW, sounds like an amazing journey, both deep into your souls and into a beautiful part the world....

    If you have more photos, please share... :)

  7. Aunti DisestablishmentarianMon Aug 24, 01:44:00 PM GMT-2:30

    But did you wear matching outfits on the trip?

    I saw fabulous purple pants at H&M and wondered how your wardrobe adventures were progressing, along with your hiking adventures.

  8. @Marbur:
    I'm so glad you've experienced the magic, too!
    Yes, it is cold but sheltered by the mountains on one side and Quebec way off on the horizon. And shallow enough to retain the sand heat when the tide goes out!
    It is vast and empty and haunting with outports and villages nestled on its circumference. People from all over the world hiking there.
    Yes many campgrounds and certainly a few at Shallow Beach - you would remember its horseshoe shape and the softness of the sand. Maybe next year we'll meander towards the Vikings!
    We weathered the storm, a huge branch came down off one of my front trees and necessitated the fellahs with chainsaws trimming it up today. BBQ was blown over and could be damaged but that's it. We are all vertical and grateful!!
    You never know, one of these days you and Himself may make it up here, you'd be in for a rare old treat!
    I'll post more photos later. Thanks.
    We parted ways at some hot pink selections of mine but co-ordinated well on the purples and greens! Good memory!

  9. What a wonderful vacation spot. It looks superb. I'm so glad you both enjoyed it.

  10. Wowsers, can I come? xx

  11. What a wonderful place, I can almost feel the peace from here.

  12. oh i would love this. i know that i would love this.

  13. My kind of peaceful place. Thanks for taking me along.

  14. @Hull:
    Anytime, my dear, anytime!!
    It has that effect!
    You most certainly would!
    You would love it.

  15. I love reading all of your posts and well up with homesickness everytime you write about Newfoundland! It's so nice to know that people who grew up elsewhere love it too (although I'm quite sure you qualified as a Newfoundlander years ago!). =)

  16. Brad:
    Thank you and welcome! It is always such a pleasure to hear from Newfoundlanders!


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