Thursday, December 03, 2009

Psst - Wanna Hear a Story?

One of my stories is up at As Time Goes By.

Some of you may recall that I lost a very dear aunt last year. She was just shy of her 99th birthday.

This story is based on one of hers.


  1. I have just come from reading it. I could hear the rattling beads and smelt the smell of the convent as I read!

  2. You write with such ease....

    It is such a personal story yet one can find themselves in such situations whether one is Catholic or not. It is these small moments that can make or break a person. Clearly your aunt found more strength in her, after the bathroom incident....

  3. Congratulations on getting your story up at As Time Goes By, WWW!
    I enjoyed the read. You really captured that particular time and atmosphere. Also, as others at the site commented, the brogue really came through, I could hear it as I read. Nice ending..."Everything comes to those who wait"... an' all that. :-)

  4. I loved reading both the original post and the story based on it. Wow, can you ever write!

  5. A very touching story. And a surprisingly positive ending! How quickly people grovel and fawn when they really need something out of you....

  6. Thank you all very much, I took enormous pleasure in writing it and hearing her wonderful voice!


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