Sunday, January 10, 2010


Did you ever see the tide turning?

It hardly lasts a few breaths.

The birds sense it in their very bones and clear the way for it. Some flying off to watch from nearby trees. Others, like the loons, too unwieldy to march to shore, diving beneath the warring waves until the battle is over.

More of a skirmish, really. With a foregone conclusion.

Sometimes the moon comes out and gazes upon the havoc that she creates. You can catch her unwavering smile if you can tear your eyes away from the water.

And then it’s all over. Order is restored to the tussling waves. The moon goes back behind a cloud, all shy and innocent.

You’d never know it happened.


  1. Magical, WWW, isn't it? I've watched it on the East Yorkshire coast. Imagine what our distant ancestors, thousands of years ago, thought about it all as they watched in awe. :-)

  2. The subtlety and gradual metamorphosis of nature generally is always astonishing. I wake up one day and suddenly trees are budding or flowers are blooming or ivy has spread another few inches. It's a constant delight.

  3. One of these days the thaw will come, the wind slow to a sleep and the ground soften to allow new life peep through. My old cold bones are counting the moments.

  4. I have no words, but others do, thanks be.

  5. You are a poet! I also envy your living by the ocean.

  6. Knowing when the tide turns is very important when you build sea dikes. You have to close them right at the point when there is a stand still. It takes an old fisherman expert to see that.

  7. @T:
    You know whereof I speak! And I never lose my awe of it.
    What would ever happen to us all if the moon failed?
    Thank you!
    I think it's the sublety I enjoy the most!
    yes with the rough winter you've had, I don't blame you at all!
    yes it is breathtaking.
    Some days I still have to pinch myself!
    You would know a lot about that, my friend. Very interesting comment!

  8. my favorite blog post of 2010 so far. beautiful!

  9. Absolutely beautiful. THank you for posting :0)

  10. Baygirl:
    Welcome and our pics are very similar!


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