Sunday, January 23, 2011

The First Big Snowfall Brings the Queen.

A scheduled rehearsal for my play was cancelled today due to the (unseasonal) weather - OMG SNOW! My suddenly idle mind was struck by the way the snow fell on a newel post on my deck, producing this wonderful profile of Queen Victoria:

Don't believe me? - look!

I know, I know. I should get a life.


  1. GM:
    There were some ghosts of our Republican freedom fighters around too, but I stopped them before they could 'off with her head' they only got the nose.......:D

  2. OK, if my show rehearsal was canceled, and I had lots of time to look at a snowy newel post, I guess I'd see Queen Victoria too, said
    Helen laughing.

  3. You do have an awful lot of good imagination. Sorry that the rehearsal was canceled.

  4. That is a very cool pic :-)

    Sorry your rehearsal was cancelled - I hope you are able to catch up on the schedule.

  5. Too bad it didn't look like the Virgin Mary. Then you could have been famous.

  6. I was thinkin' Sphinx - but no, cheeks too chubby. You're right!


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