Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gerry Rafferty RIP

I was so very saddened to read of Gerry Rafferty's passing. I've been a fan of his since the seventies and "Baker Street" remains one of my all-time favourite songs with its haunting saxophone solo.

Windin' your way down on Baker Street
Light in your head and dead on your feet
Well another crazy day
You'll drink the night away
And forget about everything
This city desert makes you feel so cold.
It's got so many people but it's got no soul
And it's taking you so long
To find out you were wrong
When you thought it had everything

In and out of rehab, it seems that Gerry never slew his inner demons.

Rest in peace, Mr. Rafferty - Kyrie Eleison.


  1. Poor Gerry. It seems he spent his life haunted by his abusive, alcoholic father and never fully escaped his clutches even long after death.

    Or maybe he just couldn't handle success after what he'd come from, if he could never truly believe that he deserved it.

  2. Yes, Laura, he never did escape his sick abusive father and his own recoveries were so short term.

    Belief in one's own abilities can be very hard to achieve.


  3. This brings back a lot of memories for me of the seventies. There were a number of others who escaped, notably Eric Clapton but not Gerry. Thank you for this trip down memory lane and for making me listen to Baker Street again after so long.

  4. It's the sax solo that makes the number so special. A stroke of genius!

    RIP Gerry Rafferty.


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