Friday, January 14, 2011

Riff on the First Snowfall

And it's just about gone now. I like the monochromatic aspect of it all. The fluffy new blanket cuddling the brown earth, smoothing the rocks and shingles of the shore, mothballing the trees for the spring.

My clever birds burrowed deep into the bird feeder and yelled to each other that the food conundrum was solved for another day. The pecking order took over, bluejays first, juncoes next and last the sparrows, patiently waiting, flipping the soft flakes from their wings as they stood in an orderly line on the railing.

I was deliberately slowing down myself. What the hell is my hurry most days I asked myself. In a life of rushing around I have to tell myself it is perfectly OK to slow down now, stroll, don't run. Savour the air, breathe in, breathe out, stop even. Slow down the world for a minute or six.

It is alien to my nature not to rush about the appointed tasks, hurry the phonecall, pile the fire high all at once, add more baking to the floured board, make three dozen more.

I think I know now why some elders slow down to a crawl. It is not physical or mental limitation at all.

It is a conscious choice - to savour all we could never do before. Finally we are stopping to smell the roses. And the cedar and the woodsmoke and the ocean.

Time. So precious. I'll have eight more lifetimes, please.


  1. It's hard to slow down and just appreciate what's around you when we all live in such a hectic, achievement-focused society. But when you do slow down, you notice so much more than when you're speeding. I'm a strange mix of engrained appreciative sloth and a too-active anxious brain.

  2. We do want to slow down but not too much. I need that good middle ground. Beautiful posting, Friend.

  3. snow has a way of doing that for us.
    Our first snowfall also.

  4. You should slow down to the point that you're at least still occupied. Otherwise you'll get bored.

  5. RJA:
    I wasn't going to be greedy!
    I can sympathize, but I never thought I could slow down this much, it is becoming a really lovely habit. And I don't worry (well, not much)
    Yes the middle ground is awfully good isn't it?
    That and spring flowers or a glorious sunset.
    I have too much on the go for that, columns to write, plays to rehearse, a cabin to finish, tax returns to pay the bills, etc. etc. LOL

  6. The time comes, I'm sorry to say, when what used to be slow is now fast. Jerry and I marvel at how little we get done these days.

    Why only 8? Even cats get 9.

  7. 20W:
    Well I'm on my first so there's 8 left? Have our mathematical skills left us?

  8. I joined the slow life last year and now find it difficult to hurry anywhere.

  9. GM;
    More power to your elbow woman!
    Nothing like a stroll - and everywhere...


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