Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sometimes I just despair of the human race. I really do. Please bear in mind I don't own a TV set so am not subjected to a lot of what the rest of you have to undergo here in North America on yer big screaming screens.

But Weiner's weiner? Seriously? Seriously?

It seems like I can't open even so-called serious news sites without being inundated with blurbs, images, blurbs, yabber.

This in a world that is tanking sideways with commodities in short supply, floods, starvation, climate change, peak oil, etc. Not to mention economic catastrophe.

And apart from anything else, has it crossed any of the media's shyte-for-brains that this is all feeding into Weiner's exhibitionist fetish?

Big time.

H'm? H'm??????


  1. Weiner is definitely a weiner. And have you met his wife? She is beautiful and brilliant and hard working. How stupid.

  2. Isn't it a matter entirely for him, his wife and the recipients? Why do the rest of us need to know about it? Now if he was guilty of something politically important like bribery and corruption....

  3. Who says Religion is the opiate of the masses. I believe it's the News Media. Why are matters of consequence ignored? Because, they don't sell corn flakes and they insight appropriate reactions? Sigh...

  4. Oh, and one more thing. I'm stealing your image from this post. It's perfect!

  5. I know what you mean WWW. I was thinking along the same lines today when I saw it on the tube. Ridiculous. Why do we need to know about this when there are so many more important things to consider?

  6. AMEN...i'm sick of it too.
    Love that picture :)

  7. I wish I knew what you are all talking about.
    That's the trouble with blogging, it's so parochial.

    (a joke, okay?)

  8. PS: I am glad to see you worked up about this, whatever it is, being worked up helps to keep the black dog away.

  9. Even we in the Netherlands know about this. I don't see why I have to. And how did such a man get elected into office?

  10. The New York Times is reporting today that Congressman Weiner is resigning (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/17/nyregion/anthony-d-weiner-tells-friends-he-will-resign.html?_r=1)

    I'm struck by the apparent "acceptance" of publishing intimate photos on services such as Twitter and Facebook. It seems to be the norm that members, especially the young, are sending each other pictures of their breasts, penises, and other body parts.

    It's a new form of exhibitionism, significantly and technologically evolved from the "dirty old man" idea of "Laugh In".

    Is it wrong to send such pictures? I guess we judge that by own moral compass. Certainly, his repeated lying about it crossed the line but I'm not convinced that him sharing pictures of him wearing underwear is the scandal that some of the news organizations make it out to be.

    For the most part, journalism has become infotainment and what we used to describe as the "jolts per minute" as a measure of TV programming success has taken on a whole new meaning in this area of tabloid trash passing for legitimate journalism.


  11. I think that if having resigned now, he stands for reelection as an independent candidate, he will win hands down, thanks to all the publicity!

  12. The "important" news for today's media seems to be that which will "sell" to the masses of today to whom entertainment is reality TV, wrestle mania, and/or silly facebook games. I was glad to see the man resign just so it would be over and done with sooner.

  13. I'm sorry we had to lose one of the few left-wing voices in what passes for a Democratic administration. I'd like to give the guy a dope slap up the side of the head.


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