Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sometimes, you just have to laugh (and laugh)

My daughter arrived yesterday. She was on standby, so was bumped to a later flight and arrived in St. John's 5 hours later than originally scheduled. This does not faze on her at all, being well equipped with books at Toronto airport, and then having the good sense to be seated next to a travelling companion who became an instant friend. The journey flew, she told me, a 3 hour flight seeming like 30 minutes.

She was tired but exhilarated when she got here. We were overjoyed to see each other as it has been just over a year, the longest separation ever since she arrived in my world forty-mumble years ago. You can't shut us up when we get together. So we pile into my car. Ansa had been on tiptoe in the back seat, mention my daughter's name and she is alert, head to toe. She kept looking for Daughter's dog who has shared her space on more than a few occasions. Alas, not to be. Shamrock stayed behind in Toronto under the care of Grandgirl, who is now, OMG, old enough to handle the animals and, OMG cubed, old enough to stay by herself.

So we pull across the parking lot and whump-whump. Flat tire. Middle of the night. I call the CAA and we sat and waited for the roadside assistance, exhausted but laughing insanely. It just seemed kinda perfect, you know?

And PS, where else in the world would one leave an airport parking lot and the attendant extends a huge dog biscuit to the canine passenger? Newfoundland: we loves ya!


  1. awww for the dog biscuit, that is so great...happy visiting with daughter :)

  2. And is Shamrock also missing Ansa, do you think?

  3. Hope you're both having a lovely time. Poor Ansa missing her playmate, though at least she got a consolation doggy biscuit!

  4. I'm sure it'll be a super happy visit for all 3 of you! Just watch too: Ansa will be waiting for her biscuit next time too!

  5. I hope the visit goes well and that you have a relaxing time together. It's a good sign if you can laugh about a flat tire.


  6. Sounds like your both going to have a great time. Laughter is the best medicine.

  7. Enjoy the chat and the laughter. Sorry about the flat tyre, it is such a pain when these things happen.


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