Monday, October 17, 2011

Cartoon of the Week


  1. reminds me of the signs in the window of Wall Street "we are the 1 percent"
    What idiots.

  2. Can you enable mobile viewing so I can read this on my iPhone?

  3. He won't be so laid back when the mob attacks him with their pitchforks.

  4. Surely the very last thought of Louis XVI in 1793?

  5. Pitchforks! That's what we need!

  6. Heh. Aside from the humour, I really like how that cartoon has been coloured.

    Here's one on a similar note; I think you'll get a kick out of it, WWW.

  7. Good one WWW!

    All along the watchtower
    Princes kept the view
    While all the women came and went
    Barefoot servants, too

    Outside in the distance
    A wildcat did growl
    Two riders were approaching
    The wind began to howl

    I hope they can hear the howls from OWS now!

  8. Haha this is great... and so relevant to our society right now. Thanks for sharing!


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