Thursday, October 06, 2011

Photo of the Week


  1. Those Wall Street people must be petrified. What if we were to stop worshipping the rich?

  2. It's fast becoming too big to ignore though.

    One fear is that, having blossomed, it will be "taken over" by some faction or other.
    Possibles: Obama apologists selling "Vote for O in 2012 or else...more of the same" (That's a laugh and a half).

    Or the Tea Party trying to co-opt the Occupiers, kidding them along that they both want the same things
    (another laugh and a half).

    Or some wealthy Democrat will buy in (as the Koch Bros did for the Tea Party) and dictate terms.

    I hope they have the savvy not to fall for any of those.

  3. It was the lead story on NBC last night. For the first time.


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