Friday, October 28, 2011

New News

(1) One of my stories is up at The Elder Story Telling Place

(2) Quotes

"I could end the deficit in 5 minutes .. Pass a law that says that if the deficit is more
than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election."
-- Warren Buffett

(3) And (tongue firmly in cheek) ad of the week:


  1. congratulations on the story! (which i will read immediately.) also wanted to thank you for your poignant comment on my blog. i didn't know about your daughter's health problems, and i wish her all the best. i worked with a woman for many years who was able to keep her MS in check with medication, and i hope the same for your daughter.

  2. Re number 2, another possibility is re-election if any CEO or banker's annual income is more than £500,000.

  3. I enjoyed reading your story yesterday on ESTP. as for the quote... I think we need to go back to bartering.

  4. Congrats on the story published elsewhere - I remember it well, and with pleasure, from when you posted it here.

    Oh my! Trust the Keepers of The Golden Arches to cash in! At least they don't mind Occupiers using their loos (I use them myself when we're on the road, and am always very grateful).


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