Saturday, November 11, 2017

Moving In and On

The view from my living room window

Over the years, apart from my precious Daughter and Grandgirl, I find that it is my friends who offer the most support and comfort and downright consoling when things get rough.

I don't like to lay too much on Daughter or Grandgirl, they have their own lives to live and their own troubles which they are more than welcome to lay on me.

A dear friend called me last week. She's quite the traveler and gallops around the world frequently. I must have gone on a bit of a whine about my health and the Cathedral and my worries, catch me on a down day and I'll fill one of your ears with my woes and the next day she calls me again and tells me she's booked a flight and she's staying for 3 days and find her a place to stay. I have a friend with an AirBnb in St. John's, a gorgeous terrace house on an old street, cheap digs that she'll have all to herself, so in we booked her. I am so delighted, she is a tonic, this brave soul, has beaten cancer a few times and has her own share of troubles but has that gift of curiosity and love of life and incredible loyalty to her friends. Once friends, you're friends for life. So she arrives on November 27th. She was the friend who flew in from Spain to catch my play in Ireland in 2012. I find this one act of kindness has lifted me like nothing else. All we need sometimes is a shoulder to lean on, yeah?

A cousin and I connected out of the blue and it is a powerful bond with similar histories of violence and disconnection from current family members. Goosebumps: this common thread of estrangement and distance and shunning, the theme of our dysfunctional clan. Therapy has helped both of us to just deal and protect ourselves from further abuse. This is like a breath of fresh air in my life and so unexpected.

Daughter rented a table for us both at a Craft Fair in early December So I'm busy crafting. I've ordered prints of some of my photos, the ones that have sold out a few times. This should be fun, just being with others who also sell their wares and making some coin. I'm considering taking orders for story shawls. A lot of work but there is an interest.

So here I am on a Saturday night. Remembrance Day. Poppy Day.

All is calm.


  1. View looks comforting, offering you some of nature’s unconfining joys, especially with moving waters in the picture. Wonderful your friend is coming for a few days. Your plans with your crafts seem interesting which sounds like will keep you busy. Lots to occupy your thoughts and, hopefully, distract your mind from other less pleasant ones. You’ll be so cozy comfortable as the days grow shorter and weather changes to bring you some fascinating sights from your window.

    1. Plus the safety factor too. No more fear of ice jams and driveway plowing and wood gathering and horrific power bills and well freezing. LOL


  2. Glad to know all is calm. We all need calm right now. Or, as I said a few days ago, we all need peace.

  3. Please, when you have time, post a few photos of your new home. Its been so interesting following your move. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the little house gets sold soon.X

  4. I've just read your last two posts, WWW - so pleased you feel "settled in" so rapidly - that's a big, big positive! The furniture wrangling will be...well, interesting!

    Keep wishing "on your lucky star" for a buyer to come along - one will, and probably when you are least expecting it. :-)

  5. Congratulations on the move! Glad you're in a good place, I envy your freedom from winter labours of plowing and firewood etc. Have fun at the Craft Fair.

  6. My best wishes that they always stay calm.

  7. Sounds good! What is a story shawl?

  8. I would love to see a photo of your new place when all is arranged. That you are so positive is a wonderful thing...

  9. so happy for you
    what is a story shawl
    I may order one
    as I read all Winter :)

  10. This move has been a long time coming hasn't it? I remember when your friend 1st suggested it, some time ago. But I'm finding shedding what once was fiercely clung to as essential to one's independence, becomes a burden impossible to face. I can't face scraping the windshield free of ice. How you have coped with firewood and getting the drive plowed blows my mind. We did that for years, living 40 miles from town and with 1/4 mile drive! But it sounds as if your new place will give you ever so much more freedom, and time to "play", to create, and not have to crawl out of bed to fix breakfast for paying guests. I sense a new beginning, a morning sun coming over a new horizon, and the casting off of old shadows. <3


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