Monday, March 31, 2008

Oreo Cookies and the U.S. Economy

This economic analysis made me smile and it also makes a whole pile of sense.

Perhaps the increasing voice power of True Majority will bring some long needed action as to the re-distribution of such enormous tax payer funds.

Did you hear about the protest of the little people at Bear Stearns?

Hell! They're sick and tired and not going to take it anymore! Yeah!


  1. Excellent! I love the Ben Cohen cartoon, it's brilliant. I've embedded it in SC's sidebar.

    Is the US populace finally on the move? We can hope.

  2. Well this member of the US populace certainly is on the move. As I stated below there are many of us who have protested--but not enough.I personally think we need the war in our faces at dinner time like it was with reporting from Vietnam, before embedding and the rest of the crap the media has to go through to get the story. Until the inertia that this country of mine truly is embedded in stops, this f---ing war will go on and on until we've become a 4th rate banana republic truly owned by China as we damn near are now. Am I angry? Hell yes. But I'm more angry with my fellow citizens who sit on their collective thumbs and do nothing.

    Beau in Seattle

  3. Too bad I am a Dutch citizen and I can't become a member of the true majority, I don't think we've got one in this country, but if we do, I'm sure I'll join them, although I am a member of the Socialist Party and I guess that comes very close.

  4. The saying is "When the US sneezes, Britain catches a cold". You have your Bear Stearns, we here in the UK have Northern Rock -a failed bank that the government has just bailed at a cost of £50billion (approx $100billion) - It is taxpayers money, equivalent to £3000 ($6000) from every taxpayer - including me!

  5. True Majority sounds like it could organise some serious political opposition. I had no idea the Pentagon's budget was so absurdly vast compared with vital public services, and with other countries' military budgets. Will follow what it's up to with interest.

  6. Nick: the Pentagon's budget goes beyond the Theatre of the Absurd into the realm of the Lunatic. I'm constantly staggered by what BushCo has done to this country of mine.

    Beau in SEattle.

  7. RJA:
    Yes, it does explain it so well, glad you like it!
    "Realm of the lunatic", aptly put. it is total insanity.
    You are engaged politically as we all need to be!
    What a huge chunk out of everyone's pocket, I had no idea!
    We need one in every country just to keep the thieves from picking more from our pockets and doing disgusting things in our name.

  8. I've saved the cartoon, WWW - it's great for someone like me (and the husband) who get nosebleeds at over $100 ! It really puts things into perspective.

    I'll join once I become a US citizen!

  9. Glad you enjoyed it, T. It makes it all so understandable (and even more scandalous than we thought!)


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