Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pornography & Prostitution Part 5

It seems to me like I've written on these topics ad nauseum but there is always something to add.

During some lean years I had a weekend job as an operator in an answering service. Doctors, lawyers, locksmiths, taxi services and escort services were the clients.

During those weekends I developed a rapport of trust with these 'escorts' whilst dispensing their outcalls. What euphemisms are used by the press for this, the oldest 'profession'. No one can bear to call prostitution what it is, we dress it up in "high priced call-girls" and "professional escorts". Without exception all these working women I dealt with were hooked on cocaine.

Profession it ain't. The word profession means a modicum of respectability, a level of respect. None of which are present in the sordid transactions of the purchasing of sex for cash.

I was reminded of this in the fall from grace of Eliot Spitzer. How does he reconcile his participation in the degradation of a woman while being the father of two daughters not much younger than the woman he raped for a fee? And rape it is. There is no love, it is merely the purchase of a masturbatory-tube. Offered for sale by a more than likely addict, herself abused and demeaned in the past. No one would sell herself in this way without some sad story.

I know. I talked to enough of these women whether $500 a night or $100 a blowjob. It was all about pain - incest, abandonment, addiction, lack of educational opportunities.

And the epithet 'whore' being slung around by the oh-so-highminded MSM? She is further dehumanized. The rape doesn't stop with Eliot.


  1. I don't understand the johns on any level: (a) needing a prostitute for sexual gratification (b) colluding in a woman's degradation (c) risking sexual infections (d) insulting his existing partner and (e) destroying his children's respect. The man's a complete moron in the sex department. A shame when he's so ethical about high finance.

    And I see that the new governor of NY has had a lengthy affair plus bisexual threesomes. Jesus, what's with these people?

  2. Nick:
    I believe power tripping is part of it as well, the ability to tell the woman who to be, how to do it and look as if she's enjoying it. Dishonesty and degradation from beginning to end.
    How is he explaining himself to his daughters? Not to mention his wife....
    Bisexual threesomes? I didn't know that! Whoa Nelly, what's next? It could be the water in New York??? :>)

  3. As it ain't goin' away any time soon though, I think things would be so much better if prostitution were legalised and monitored (for health risks etc.)as it is in some parts of Europe.

    Not much hope of that in the narrow-minded (in public) US of A.

  4. T:
    Not narrow-minded as much as hypocritical buffoonery (my favourite of all time being the abstinence programme of Dubya).
    It would be like legalizing pot.
    We need to follow the money to the pimps and dealers and beyond. Not in their lifetimes....


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