Monday, March 24, 2008


I print this in its entirety as Michael Moore says it so well~

So? ... A Note from Michael Moore

Monday, March 24th, 2008


It would have to happen on Easter Sunday, wouldn't it, that the 4,000th American soldier would die in Iraq. Play me that crazy preacher again, will you, about how maybe God, in all his infinite wisdom, may not exactly be blessing America these days. Is anyone surprised?

4,000 dead. Unofficial estimates are that there may be up to 100,000 wounded, injured, or mentally ruined by this war. And there could be up to a million Iraqi dead. We will pay the consequences of this for a long, long time. God will keep blessing America.

And where is Darth Vader in all this? A reporter from ABC News this week told Dick Cheney, in regards to Iraq, "two-thirds of Americans say it's not worth fighting." Cheney cut her off with a one word answer: "So?"

"So?" As in, "So what?" As in, "F*** you. I could care less."

I would like every American to see Cheney flip the virtual bird at the them, the American people. Click here and pass it around. Then ask yourself why we haven't risen up and thrown him and his puppet out of the White House.

The Democrats have had the power to literally pull the plug on this war for the past 15 months -- and they have refused to do so. What are we to do about that? Continue to sink into our despair? Or get creative? Real creative. I know there are many of you reading this who have the chutzpah and ingenuity to confront your local congressperson. Will you? For me?

Cheney spent Wednesday, the 5th anniversary of the war, not mourning the dead he killed, but fishing off the Sultan of Oman's royal yacht. So? Ask your favorite Republican what they think of that.

The Founding Fathers would never have uttered the presumptuous words, "God Bless America." That, to them, sounded like a command instead of a request, and one doesn't command God, even if they are America. In fact, they were worried God would punish America. During the Revolutionary War, George Washington feared that God would react unfavorably against his soldiers for the way they were behaving. John Adams wondered if God might punish America and cause it to lose the war, just to prove His point that America was not worthy. They and the others believed it would be arrogant on their part to assume that God would single out America for a blessing. What a long road we have traveled since then.

I see that Frontline on PBS this week has a documentary called "Bush's War." That's what I've been calling it for a long time. It's not the "Iraq War." Iraq did nothing. Iraq didn't plan 9/11. It didn't have weapons of mass destruction. It DID have movie theaters and bars and women wearing what they wanted and a significant Christian population and one of the few Arab capitals with an open synagogue.

But that's all gone now. Show a movie and you'll be shot in the head. Over a hundred women have been randomly executed for not wearing a scarf. I'm happy, as a blessed American, that I had a hand in all this. I just paid my taxes, so that means I helped to pay for this freedom we've brought to Baghdad. So? Will God bless me?

God bless all of you in this Easter Week as we begin the 6th year of Bush's War.

God help America. Please.

Michael Moore


  1. God help the rest of the world as it cowers in fear of America's foreign policy.

  2. The economist Joseph Stiglitz points out in the London Independent today that the $3 trillion estimated cost of the Bush War has wrecked the US economy and prevented essential improvements to public services and help for the less well-off. And for what? For the rapid decline of Iraq into a less democratic, less civilised, hopeless mess.

  3. RJA:
    I think it may all come to a grinding halt with the tanking of the U.S. economy. How long this takes is anyone's guess, though.
    Thanks for the 'up on this. I was just reading about the collapse of a bridge, killing 13 which could have been prevented. Appalling neglect of its citizens.

  4. You came to visit me yesterday, so I have come to visit you. I am happy to meet a politically and socially engaged human being, which I so seldom do in my circle of bloggers. I do have the occasional tendency to rant, but I don't know if it is appreciated, so I tend to tone it down.

    I am a cynic and tend to be socially and politically critical, especially of American things, as I lived in the States for 22 years and have an American daughter. I do still feel that I can make noises about those things, but I make them about other countries, including my own, as well.

    I am critical of the United States, because it is such a powerful country world wide and has so much influence and many Americans don't seem to understand that. We care very much, for instance, about the presidential elections and almost wish we could vote in them ourselves.

    Anyway, I have bookmarked your page and will be by everyday to see what you have to offer. It will keep me on my toes also. I do so appreciate political and social engagement and always want to see more of it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  5. Hi Irene and welcome to mine!
    I think that the whole world is affected by the U.S. elections and as such we have the right to speak up and protest if we are able when things are so catastrophicallly wrong in the decisions to invade sovereign nations. The effect on Iraq has been horrendous. I was reading today about the child prostitutes in Syria, all refugees from Iraq. It is reprehensible how one evil man wields so much power.


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