Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One of Life's Crystal Moments

My dear friend D has had many health challenges in the last few years: heart trouble, multiple cancers and other medical issues resulting from the treatments she had to undergo.

I was thrilled for her when one of her paintings was selected by the city for exhibition in the City Hall. And hung on its very own wall there.

And yesterday, I took this picture of her peeking at her painting.

I just love it.


  1. What a magical, precious moment to capture. It is a beautiful picture of a beautiful and courageous woman.

  2. Her painting looks interesting, can we have a close-up? Your pic is brilliant, it's a work of art in itself. The composition is amazing. Good that your friend is creating something so positive despite the health problems she's coping with.

  3. love the peek of her taking a peek - a story all its own

  4. Nice one WWW.... I love the angle and various walls that lead to the actual painting...

  5. Wonderful photograph, WWW. It's professional standard in composition and execution - no doubt about it! You ought to submit it....somewhere - some competition.

    I'm so pleased for your friend, too.

  6. That is a fine, fine shot. What a story it tells.

  7. @Hull:
    Thank you, she is a beautiful darling friend.
    I was going to, after your comment and then I had a second thought that it would take something away from the original shot so I'm going to 'let it be'.
    Yes, of strength and courage and fear too and most importantly of what we leave behind, I think.
    Thank you, yes that what I was trying to achieve.
    I may just do that, I didn't expect it to be quite this powerful and evocative and sad. I keep getting 'sad'.
    Coming from artistic you, that is a wonderful compliment. Thank you!
    Thank you!

  8. what a wonderful subject and a beautiful picture. HAve you shown it to her yet?

  9. That's very nice, WWW. How very appropriate!

  10. A picture within a picture. I like the lines. Somehow I don't think we have heard the end of this tale yet>

  11. @Conor:
    Yes, I sent her a copy and she does read my blog and was delighted.
    Thank you, she is so talented but very shy about it.
    It was just a moment but moments last forever, if we dare....

  12. Just thinking of that in times of 'superlatives-inflation', a superlative is not much worth.
    So, please take less for more, WWW. :)
    Good photo. Chapeau.


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