Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ferries & Irenes Don't Mix?

Photo by Grandgirl who raced out in stockinged feet to get this wondrous shot the other night.

Grandgirl and I are packing up the house and sorting out the car and assuring Ansa, that yes, she is coming with us even though we are washing her bed and packing all her stuff in her own little bag. She looks stunningly lovely actually, as she was groomed only a few days ago. But she walks around the house with that worried look that dogs get. Comical. But we try and keep straight faces around her as she goes from bag to bag and the place where her bed used to be. And licks our legs as she walks by reminding us that "Lookeehere, yes, you do have a dog!"

So far the ferry is leaving on time. Even though this morning's was moved to an earlier time because of Irene. We are sailing on the Atlantic Vision, which I sailed on before and raved about.

They have changed the hours of operation to be more people friendly. We are leaving at 6.30pm and arriving in the morning at 9.00 a.m. A huge improvement. Before it was appalling, arriving in the middle of the night in Cape Breton with long, long hours of mountainous, often foggy, driving in darkness in order to hit the Nova Scotia mainland.

It is well over a year since I was in Ontario so I am looking forward to catching up with everyone. Reportage from the road may be sporadic.

So far Irene is avoiding us. Let's hope she stays that way. My sympathies to all and their dear ones who have suffered.


  1. have a great trip! should see some high seas today on the ferry, it's still pretty windy here. enjoy old friends in TO...

  2. I look forward to your on-the-road updates. Yes, it must be very confusing and unsettling for pets who can't understand your travel plans and wonder what on earth is going on....

  3. Safe travelling and enjoy the change of scene.

  4. Our black lab, Taylor did rounds of sniffing, nudging, pacing and sighing when we were packing for our trip last week.

    Then she went and sat in the car and refused to budge! Just as well she was already included in the reservation to stay at the lovely castle in Sligo!!

    Have an excellent trip.

  5. Great sunset shot by G-girl!
    Hoping the three of you will enjoy trouble-free and tip-top travels.

  6. A truly spectacular sunset! Hope the trip has gone well.

  7. This all sounds so familiar. Our dogs always know when we start preparing for a trip. They are nervous and excited, seem to understand if I say yes, you can come with us. If I say you have to stay home they are crest fallen and skulk off looking sad.

    And I love ferry trips. We will board the Columbia to Alaska on Sept 16. I can hardly wait.

  8. have a safe trip WWW

    I am always struck by your sunset pictures by how similar they are to the ones that I take over the Georgian Bay here

  9. Hope you all have a great trip!

    Would love to get together while you're in Ontario, if you have the time. We're away on the boat until Sept 11th, but if you're still here thereafter, maybe we could try again? Hopefully without the gallons of blood, this time.

  10. Great pic.
    Worth rushing out for.

  11. I hope a very nice trip you enjoyed. I travelled once by ferry to France and it is my first experience. I prefer ferry travel as it is convenient and relaxable for me.


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