Monday, August 08, 2011

Sorry, My Head is Exploding

Per capita government debt in 2010 in descending order, thank you Irish Times. Big changes in 2011?

I wrote here quite a while ago that I would only touch upon this crazy world of ours and all its ills if I felt my head exploding.

My head is exploding with the confluence of all that is happening. I have many questions. And very few answers.

Why is everyone so shocked that the global economic meltdown is happening?

Did everyone seriously think that this unsustainable way of life would continue forever?

Didn't the serious imbalance of food, water, housing amongst the wealthiest and the poorest (of which there are far, far too many) weigh on those who are so privileged?

Why on earth was the population of the world allowed to explode (and continue to explode) to a completely unsustainable level while the majority of the Woo practitioners and their worshippers condemn birth control and abortion? And allow thousands upon thousands of birthed children to die each and every single day?

When and why did we allow psychopathic corporations to dictate who gets into the highest offices of government and then allow them to pull the puppet strings of their patsies?

How on this tiny planet did one country spend one trillion dollars illegally invading another (not to mention all of the others) and not expect it to come back and haunt them. For generations yet to come.

How can we be so flip as to say “technology will solve everything” whenever the subject of finite oil (peaked and gone in my humble estimation) is mentioned. And people run out and buy these great gas guzzling rigs to get their weekly groceries? Using decades worth of gas and oil that would supply tiny cars like mine for another 50 years if we all drove environmentally responsible vehicles?

Do those in charge (Demz Wot Rulez) not give one single shyte about their own grandchildren?

Whatever happened to making the way we run our little portions of the world smaller – i.e. Locally supplied power, etc., community gardens, etc. Instead we are planning multi-billion dollar hydro developments here in Newfoundland. I won't get into the destruction of tribal lands and environmental degradation this will entail. Mortgaging our great-grandchildren's lives (if they survive) and doubling our utility rates. All this in a province where wind and waves can be harnessed at a fraction of the cost. And locally.

Gaia is beginning to shrug us off like the pesky bunch of fleas we are, is there anything we won't destroy for money?

But, of course, the ICH* will save the repentant and the prayerful, like Rick Perry.

*Invisible Cosmic Housekeeper


  1. my thoughts exactly.
    I come from a lovely place that is now over populated, over built and polluted. Where the mcMansions rise on the ashes of small cottages. Where the billionaires have ruined it for the millionaires.
    And I still long to go back there.
    There are too many of us and people still boast of their 6 children, 22 grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren.

  2. couldn't have said any of it any better !! and the sad thing is the theocrats, climate change deniers and polluters seem to be winning.

  3. No matter where you look things are indeed grim. Trying to look at the bright side is hard, all the good things going on seem so small so disconnected, in comparison.

    Here's how I deal with it. We are a very young very "successful" species. Too successful. We have only recently become aware of our own power in the world (we always thought we were powerful but not quite like this) and how much damage we can and are doing. We are at a crisis point, things could go either way. We will continue blindly to our demise as a species or we will smarten up and fly right, as my father would say. Either way, the universe continues blithely on in ignorance of our little follies here on the third planet of an obscure sun.

    I fervently hope for the smarten up option and I applaud all the little things going on that point in that direction. I contribute my tiny little bit to the smarten up movement and I have great faith in all things that fly under the radar. Every crisis is also an opportunity.

    Have you looked at what is happening in Iceland recently? They ignored the threats and walked away from their debt, they are fine thank you very much. They are practicing a form of participatory democracy to deal with their problems. But for some strange reason the media is not covering this, godforbid the people of any other country should take a lesson from Icelanders...

    Exploding heads must vent and I hear you, but do not despair yet for good things fly under the radar.

  4. You know how I feel about it all, WWW. I tried to be optimistic for a long time, but that time has passed.

    All we can do is watch, wait and pass the word along to any who will listen.

    "The unexpected" is all I hope for now - something unforeseen that can turn the tide, somehow. This kind of thing has happened before, and could happen again.

  5. Well, Jenny and I have done our bit. We have no children and no grandchildren. I shudder to think what future they would be facing if they existed.

  6. I already feel that I'm doomed and now maybe the world is doomed with me. I don't have the energy left to deal with it. I've done all I can, I'm done with it.

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  8. Took half an hour off from installing the wood stove in the dining room to catch up on your glorious writings. (Well, it was the dining room but we're converting it into a 'snug', so on those frigid winter days when we've ventured out like fools in our snowshoes, we can return, each with an icicle on the nose, to the glorious glow of blazed logs and mulled wine).
    So glad the play is going well. Had to bookmark 'The Smell Of Fire' for another time, (possibly after one of those wild winter walks) when I can enjoy it without the pleasing pressures of endless DIY construction work.
    (One day I may actually write again myself!)
    I do hope you get your car back soon.


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