Monday, August 01, 2011


Sunset from the deck, tonight.

I never get more excited than when I'm working on a new piece of writing, followed perhaps by a new knitting design. The creative process. It's wonderful. Nowhere else in life can this thrill and excitement be sustained and for so long. It must be the same for all artistes whatever the medium.

The complete forgetfulness of self.

I have a couple of stories on the go and a concept for another musical drama which is filling my mind at the moment.

I get these little frissons around them - not fear - but of the excitement itself, as if sometimes I can hardly believe my absolute good fortune in doing exactly what I dreamed of doing when I was a very small child.

And I'm simply blown away that this has all come to me so late in life and is filling it with such passion.

Newfoundland and Newfoundlanders: Best Kind! I just loves ya, b'ys!!


  1. Newfoundland seems to have opened the door to the inner you. May your river of talent continue to flow for many many years!

  2. I agree about the creative process. There's nothing like it.

  3. If you're realising your childhood dreams, you're luckier than many others. No wonder you're so blissed out!

  4. Are you on (I'm an avid knitter myself)

  5. Lucky you indeed - I've just felt too exhausted from the day job to do anything much creative lately. Good luck with all.


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