Sunday, July 31, 2011


This anonymity thing again. How can I post pictures? See?

But they are on FB for those of you who are also my FB buddies.

Behind the scenes can sometimes be a nightmare, invisible to the audience, and we did have a really good taste of that last night. Delays, curtains gapping, misplacement of the props and bits, slippery floor from the humidity, but all challenges were tackled and vanquished. And of course all is usually serene from the front of the house.

Feedback, for this, our second performnce but in a far bigger venue, was wonderful. It could be that this is the start of something terrific in a fresh theatrical genre. Time will tell. I certainly have loads of ideas and a marvellous troupe who couldn't be more talented.

Thanks for all your support out there in Blogland!

All dreams are possible.


  1. Let me know when you begin your cross country tour. I know several perfect venues in the Maritime Provinces. In the meantime, we'll both dwell in the shadows of anonymity. :-)

  2. Glad everything's coming together despite all the unexpected glitches! Did that missing cast member ever turn up?

  3. I used to help out or just hang around at my mother's local am-dram productions. Backstage life fascinated me. So much activity and nerves! I'm very glad this is going so well for you.

  4. The smell of the crowd and the roar of the grease paint, there is nothing like it. Congratulations and may this be the beginning of many more successes.

  5. I love how well things are going. This must be such a boost to your ego, but what a chance you took in the first place. Good for you, WWW

  6. This is so exciting. I think there is a cultural renaissance occuring among older people, not so much among the young, and you are part of it.

  7. Good for you - and your troupe, WWW! Pleased that all went well and challenges were met with grace and, I'm certain, charm.

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