Thursday, July 28, 2011

So I'm not laughing...

Day 4 without my car and stuck in an outport. Good times. Walking with the mail to the post office. And back. Friend took me shopping yesterday so stocked up on fresh fruit and veg. Another friend picked bakeapples for me.

I am out and about exchanging greetings with others who have never had a car and take this in stride. Not that it's far. But this sorry arse says business mail is heavy, etc., and then the dog. Well the dog is so well trained now she has a nap as she waits for me outside. A car is such a privilege. Let me remember that.

My new best friend Ed, the mechanic, was quite snarly when I phoned him yesterday to ask for an update. He said he'd be the one to call me when the car was ready. I downgraded him to one step above enemy.

Took on Bell Mobility and the slow decline of highspeed on my turbo stick. Told them it was prevalent all through the area as they love to blame:

(1) your computer - I have 2 and internet service is terrible on both
(2) Upgrade the stick - which I did and service got worse
(3) You need a new SIM - which I did and ditto.

They told me if I can get enough people to call and complain then they would actually check the tower.

Fawlty Towers. Yeah. My sense of humour smacks of of desperation.

So I went activist and posted on FB for local users to call the number and maybe, just maybe, we will get served what we are paying so dearly for. Monopolies, I hate them. And Bell is terrible to deal with here. Arrogant, over-charging and complacent gougers.

And oh yeah, the play is sold out again for Saturday night.

It's a huge hall so it's a case of "oh me nerves".


  1. what happened to the missing cast member?

  2. Oh wow! I recall many years ago directing an Agatha Christie play and my lead actress had a miscarriage with only one weekend until opening night. I pretty much knew her lines, so everyone insisted I take the part. I spent the whole weekend really learning the lines. Fortunately, she recovered well, followed her physician's recommendation and played the part. Boy, was I relieved!

    Hope your car problems get corrected as that's hardly a problem you need now, too.

  3. As you say, monopolies are usually awful to deal with. Complacent and indifferent to ordinary mortals with perfectly reasonable requests.

    Still, the sold-out Saturday night should have cheered you up a bit!

  4. As long as there can be a positive "oh yeah" at the end, one can go on.

  5. yayy to the sold out play...booo to the rest :S

  6. When I have to walk to the local shops I find a shopping bag on wheels helpful!

  7. Zuleme:
    She surfaced, apparently one of her emails went astray.
    I had just started rehearsing the understudy. :)
    Phew cubed!
    Welcome! Saved by the bell too, I see. No car is still in sickbay,I am beholden to the kindness of friends!
    Poised on the brink of terror and frustration!!
    Yes, it will all be grand in the end!
    Agreed :)
    There's nothing fresh in the local shops, all processed horrors so no need of a shopping cart!!

  8. We get so dependent on these things that we don't understand and can't repair. Puts us in a bad position.

  9. Hould your whist woman! It'll be alright on the night! Sending well wishes for Strawbella and hope she returns to the road of good health promptly!

  10. Sold out play trumps all the bad stuff. You only get so much good karma.

  11. I'm so glad that the cast member is ok - it brought back horrible memories of the 2 woman/1man am-dram show that I was doing the lighting for, where one of the ladies collapsed with an ovarian cyst at the dress rehearsal, and we had no understudies, and no-one able to take her place (even reading off of a script) :-(

    Huzzah on the play being sold out - fantastic news!

    Good luck on the FB campaign - I hope that it has the right effect.

  12. Break a leg tonight wild web woman! :-)


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