Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Jam

Strange this. July 14th and I've lit a fire. I had a client session at 1.00p.m. and thought: the house is freezing. I checked the calendar for the 6th time. Yup. July. Not December. I lit a FIRE.

Having come from Toronto where the humidex+temperature would have my brain fried, this startles me. As to what I hear out of Oklahoma and Kansas, mein Gott, I think, I would be in an asylum.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not unhappy with this weather. Not at all. My body can't abide heat. Put me in the tropics and I stay indoors with the A/C blasting and a good book. All that blistering sun wasted on me.

But seriously, a fire in July? What other surprises does Mother Nature have?

I hear the bakeapples will be ready in about 10 days. My friends watch the blossoms like hawks. We will descend and pick as soon as they ripen. Of the approximately 9 berry seasons here, this one is my favourite. The competition to gather them is intense and secret berry patches are guarded with the ferocity of guerilla warfare.

Meanwhile the green here hurts the eyes along with the wild daisies and irises. Water is grey under matching skies. Summer has completely skipped us out here on the edge of the Atlantic.


  1. strange weather here in NB too...woke up to 13C , it did warm up a bit (26C) but over all you can't call it summer....a nice day here or there. Like you i can't stand the heat either, but i do feel bad for tourism and the people that enjoy the beach and warm days.

  2. We're not very warm here in the Netherlands either. Rain and cold. I don't mind. I prefer it to a heatwave. I'm very selfish that way. Those who want to bake in the sun can go to the Costas in Spain. I'm in the mood for strawberries. You and your berry seasons!

  3. I had a fire here in Portland, OR this morning. We haven't had many days above 70 degrees F. No clue what that is in Celcius.

  4. Shucks! We're still in triple digits a few hours into the day, and baking hot through the night too. even the cold water taps bring forth warm water. :-(

    Your weather sounds like heaven, WWW.

    This summer is the most extreme I've seen yet here in Oklahoma.
    Maybe we're in for another dustbowl era.

    Am recommending rain songs in my today's post. ;-)

  5. I assume you know the location of the very best secret berry patch and nobody but nobody is going to winkle the information out of you.

  6. A fire in July? I could have imagined that a few weeks ago when the temperature was hovering about six degrees and RDF were the dominant climate characteristics! I'm happy to report that by the grace of Zeus, I have escaped the RDF. It has been sunny and warm here this week - temperatures around the mid to upper 20s for which I am grateful although I do miss the ocean breezes - just not when they're gale force breezes!

    Unpacking is the order of my days at the moment, that and supper tonight with an old friend I haven't seen for almost a year. We had a great meal and an even better chat. It is so wonderful to hear that there are some in the world who continue to challenge the status quo and are comfortable doing it. I guess being 75 helps that along a bit. I can only look toward reading that bit of zen.

    Onward to the bakeapples!


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