Saturday, July 30, 2011


I took this shot last night of the empty theatre: most of the tables had been set up for the meal tonight. After dinner is over then the chairs will be arranged as a regular theatrical environment.

It was a dress rehearsal of pitfalls and laughter and challenges. New curtains-stage lighting person, spotlight technician had to work from the left rather than the right, sound technician couldn't be there. Ironing board set-up in front for last minute touchups to gowns, etc. One cast member disappeared completely and missed her cue while she changed far too late for her appearance in a distant washroom. We thought she had fallen down somewhere and were organizing a search party. And the instrument/keyboard in a different setup, etc., for our music director had its own glitches .

But we had a beautiful freshly built dressing room ready to be checked out

Our most dependable cast member forgot both his solo and his lines and steadily got worse much to his increasing embarrassment and our helpless laughter.

But you know what they say, an awful dress rehearsal=good performance.

Oh my, let it be. We are all mad with excitement and trepidation!
And PS Strawbella still in the hospital. Fog impacts the plane carrying her auto part.

And I truly want to believe that latest story from Mr. Ed.

But meanwhile, I am a coddled Miss Daisy being grandly driven around in automobiles far finer than my own.


  1. Good luck, WWW. It will be wonderful. I hope Strawbella is healed soon.

  2. yes! savor every moment! (i'm feeling butterflies for you.)

  3. darn, I wanted to be first to say break a leg! I can't wait to hear about how it goes.


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