Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some would call us weird

Daughter does this, you see. We do it to each other, but she really, really gets into it.

We buy books for each other that no one else would. Have a look at the photo, if you can make out all the books she brought to me in her slender luggage a few weeks ago - and you'd have to see the performance as she hauls them out one at a time to my incredulous delight. Out of prints, slender pamphlets, authors I have seen on stage or secretly enjoy.

We start with:

Murder for Fun - about the rape and slaughter of the Beothuk First Nations people of Newfoundland - one of the darker sides of Newfoundland history.

Top of the Stove Cook and Bake Book - yes seriously, baking the Oul Irish soda bread on top of my woodstove, along with other great recipes.

Are you Somebody? - Nuala O'Faolain - I was most upset when this book was not returned to me after about 15 loanouts. It is a re-read.

A Trilogy of Performancea - Sandra Shamus - I adore this woman.

There are Little Kingdoms - Kevin Barry - I have never read him so this is a treat.

Eighteenth Century Newfoundland - C. Grant Head. This will be for a story/play I am researching.

And the best, the very best:

Starting Right with Poultry - 172 pages from the "Have-More" Plan reference library. So I know what to do with the wee chickies when they arrive.

She scoured flea markets and old used book stores for these.

It is what we do.


  1. how lovely :)...i would love to have some chickies, but i'm afraid as long as i have my little (killer)terrier i can 't do that to the chicks :S

  2. Wonderful idea! Some curiosities there to be sure.

    My husband and his younger son, who lives in Ohio, used to have a similar thing going with cds - they'd send oddities to each other then write reviews.

    Chicks! YAY!!! Have you told Ansa?

  3. I guarantee you'll love Kevin Barry. Like you, I lost my Nuala O'Faolain book to someone who never gave it back. The curse of the seven snotty orphans upon them and their progeny.

  4. what a loving relationship you two must have.

  5. Let us swap children. My son will be your resident geek and your daughter can be my source for books.

  6. A fascinating selection. How wonderful that someone knows just the sort of books you like and painstakingly roots them out for you!

  7. It must be a lot of fun to look for the books to surprise you with. The look on your face must be worth it.

  8. Ahhh, the photo alone makes my heart go pitty-pat! What a lovely tradition you and Daughter have.

  9. It is wonderful when our daughters are on the same wavelength and know exactly the correct presents to buy.

  10. Not weird at all. Well,not according to me anyway. I love receiving books and the idea of having someone who so carefully selects such a range is just great. I receive occasional deliveries from Ireland - relatives getting rid of obscure old tomes - they think I'm doing them a favour, but it's the other way round.


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