Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Best of Times

For your pleasure ~ The Chieftains - The Bells of Dublin

I don't take anything for granted. Some are alone and in despair this time of the year. Some are overcrowded and miserable and overeating and overdrinking. Some are alone by choice and loving it. It takes all kinds, right?

Whatever you're doing, I hope it is what you desire.

The season can be fraught with pitfalls. I know. One of my friends would brace herself every year for the 911 calls over the three days. They would draw lots in her office for who was unlucky enough to answer the non-stop telephone calls. It was the worst time of the year. Suicides, domestic violence, drunkenness, homicides or serious injury, overdosing. The stories she would tell from her 3 agonizing days of double pay had me never viewing Christmas in the same light again.


I am truly grateful Daughter and Grandgirl are here with me. We are into a rhythm of daily walks in the snow, taking turns cooking and dishwashing, fire-lighting, movie watching, music listening. And most of all peaceful reading. We three are all avid readers and bonus! love each others' favourites.

I've loved our walks the most, I think. The snow has been deep and crisp and even and we play with our footprints in it and chase the dog who runs around us trying to decide who her favourite person is - for the moment. A friend took a wonderful portrait of the three of us at her house which some of you have seen on Facebook.

Memories. Created by the minute.

I wish you peace.
I wish you contentment.
I wish you quiet joy.

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Anonymous nick said...

You're right, Christmas can be a hellish time for some. Not everyone is having a happy, relaxing break. So important that there are helplines like the ones you mention to give support to the less fortunate.

Glad you're having a good time. And glad you're not caught up in the effects of the ice storm further south.

Thu Dec 26, 03:12:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, our snow has been the Christmas card kind, lots of it and every view is a Christmas special.

I hope and Jenny enjoyed yours as well.


Thu Dec 26, 10:07:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Anonymous Grannymar said...

I was one of those who chose to be alone this year. The day went smoothly and when I phoned Elly & George they were very relaxed and having fun.

The weather was awful in the run up to 'The Day' and after a stressful year, they did not need any more. Today we have fog, although my phone suggests that it should be clear. I certainly did not need to be worrying about them on the road for me at this time.

They are there for me when I need them, and that is much more important.

I loved the photo of the generations, and you three seem to be having a ball. May 2014 continue with more of the same for all of you.

Thu Dec 26, 12:08:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for the lovely message, GM, and the best of everything back to you.

I am all alone again now after a party today and then dropping the Grandgirl off at the airport.

Just the fire crackling and wonderful thoughts and looking ahead to the privilege of calling it another year.


Thu Dec 26, 09:48:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Irene said...

No quiet dramas here, nor drunkenness. A relief, though, that it's over and now on to the New Year and the banging of the fireworks. After that we can all act normal again, as far as that is possible. :)

Fri Dec 27, 09:24:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...


Normal? You'd have to define it for me. Don't know what that is :)


Fri Dec 27, 12:17:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Hattie said...

Christmas is wonderful this year for us. I think the season tells us where we really stand, and so I think we're doing very well right now.
Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

Fri Dec 27, 03:17:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Backatcha Hattie and thanks for all the thought provoking posts throughout the year :)


Fri Dec 27, 03:22:00 PM GMT-3:30  
Anonymous Rummuser said...

I reiterate your last paragraph.

Sat Dec 28, 10:33:00 AM GMT-3:30  
Blogger Wisewebwoman said...

Thank you Ramana!


Sat Dec 28, 12:56:00 PM GMT-3:30  

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