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Black and White and Denial All Over - Part 2.

Women at their wedding to the greatest polygamist of all time.

Read Part 1 here.

And there are some that come out and talk about the mothers of these "wayward" 14 year old pregnant girls. Why didn't the mother protect them from the incesting father/brother/uncle. You must be joking, would be my response.

The grip of the RC church was so huge that no Irish mother, in the fear of being consigned to hell, for all eternity:

(1) Took birth control
(2) Refused her husband
(3) Worked outside the home, as if she could anyway with endless children to care for.
(4) Even considered divorce - it was illegal.
(5) Separation was the women's fault. She made her bed, why couldn't she lie in it, the slut?
(6) If she did separate from him, her life, poor before, was now abysmal beyond belief with no financial support from state or church and the complete shunning of her neighbours and family. I will write more of the power of shunning later. And she'd heard of women who had to resort to prostitution to make ends meet.

So leaving her husband was out of the question and reprimanding him for molesting her daughters, would result in violence towards herself and the child who told her. Police turned a blind eye, as did the church who would advise her neighbours and family to shun her. Husbands controlled the purse strings and what was donated to the church every Sunday was his and the church's business. He was the cash cow and deserved protection. At all costs.

The RC church was and is a huge business. In Ireland, it controlled the schools and the hospitals, orphanages, reformatories (yeah, right) and homes for the worst sinners of all time: "unwed" mothers, often as young as 12.

Have you read about the conditions in these homes of the "unwed"? As punishment for their sins, they had to give birth:

(1) without medication or pain relief.
(2) when ripped in the process of birthing, as so many of them were, they were forbidden stitching so the subsequent infections added to their pain and often resulted in sterility and lifelong incontinence.
(3) they were forced to wet nurse the babies of mothers who died birthing.
(4) their babies were sold as further punishment to Americans for the highest price donation.
(5) they had to pay to be released from the hell-holes of these institutions or endured years of slavery. Their families viewed them as "damaged goods" so they were unmarriagable and a life long financial burden so were left to rot in these places.

I could go on.

Follow the money has been my mantra for a very long time. The RC church made untold billions from the "simple" Irish people. It paid to keep them breeding like rabbits in and out of wedlock, it all paid off handsomely no matter which way you sliced the product. A per capita amount was paid by the Irish government to the penal institutions for feeding and clothing the "illegitimate" products of rape.

And those "evil bitches" those sisters, married to the Great Son of the Invisible Cosmic Housekeeper? Yes, married. They would wear a veil and don a wedding ring 'n everything for the polygamous wedding ceremony. And, I nearly forgot, had all their hair shaved off, it was a symptom of vanity, they couldn't have anything around that reminded them of their femininity, their very womanhood.

And their husband (Great Son of ICH) spoke to them only through their priest or if they really got rebellious, ICH's henchman, the bishop.

And how were they instructed?

See Part 3.


  1. I've read your previous post now. But to comment on this one - the film Philomena (Judy Dench) tells the true story of a woman who was pregnant and was sent to a home, a RC church in Ireland. It is a terrifying story of her search for her son many years later and a recalling of the cruelty of the home she was sent to.
    Mothers, you have a responsibility to teach and educate your sons and daughters well. Teach them boundaries, the meaning of respect towards others.
    Thankfully the new head of the RC is more open minded and is not against birth control, even though not a proponent of the pill.
    Garden of Eden Blog

  2. I will wait patiently (well, not really) for part 3, but I have to say that even with your explanation, the whole thing is beyond my comprehension. But then again, I have protestant roots (Dutch Reformed ones).

  3. I agree with every word.

    It's inconceiveable to me how a father (or any parent)could see their child, or any child, treated like this.

    The catholic church bears a stain that can never be washed away.

    I don't believe in heaven or hell, but I'd like to creat the latter for any man who could do this.

  4. I am so so so glad you are writing all that down! Keep it up.

  5. I leave you with modern attitudes closer to your home.

  6. It is apparent to me that George Will has never been forcibly raped by a larger, stronger and brutal male, who he then had to "obey" like a good girl.

    Men should keep their dirty comments away from this subject unless it is to be supportive of the billions of girl children who have been used, abused and killed over the ages in an attempt to bolster men's sad, sagging egos.

  7. keeping my comments until you are finished, though I think you already know how I feel.

  8. The cruelty meted out by human beings to other human beings is beyond comprehension. The idea that we live in civilised, enlightened societies is laughable. If we find little pockets of kindness and tenderness, we're doing well.

  9. There was the most immense suffering and they have a lot to answer for. I was very moved by the film, Philomena that personalises the immense suffering in a victim's true story.
    It beggars belief.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  10. And another rejoinder to that original piece.


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