Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Did I tell you about......?

My Clock.

This is the one that sits in front of my computer beside my printer. I think I paid a $1 for it yonks ago in a thrift shop. I seriously don't like digital clocks. My age or something. Time seems more real to me when it's on a round face with three hands.

Bonus with this one is that the slightest movement makes it waggle and wiggle itself. Adding a further sense of urgency to tempus fugit.

And the pink. Why is pink a ridiculous colour for a clock? Or anything serious? A pink computer. A pink fireplace. A pink printer. A pink truck. See? I told you, didn't I?

Additional bonus: others covet this clock.

But it's mine.

All mine.


  1. Pink is a gentle warm colour. I am learning to wear it as my skin fades and the halo of grey round my face increases with each day. I suppose, grey hair is better than none!

  2. I too would covet the clock if you were close enough for me to actually touch it.

  3. It has to make you smile at the same time it encourages more serious thoughts about the nature of time. That's the best way to think about serious things, with a sense of the humor of it all.

  4. I haven't seen anything like it before and I shall now start looking for one like that!

  5. I like your clock.I like the clockface and the pink and the spring. Not surprised people covet it. Just keep an eye on people's bags as they leave!

  6. Your clock has lots of personality, like its owner.

  7. I have always felt that although digital clocks can tell you the exact time, only analogue clocks give you a sense of where you are in relation to time.


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