Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Dis & Dat

Back by popular demand, a picture of the happiest dog on the planet taken by Grandgirl before we left Newfoundland.

At my age I don't take too much for granted. Like this evening, going downtown in this blessed cool weather (The Avalon in Newfoundland where I live is now warmer than Toronto, go figure!)with Daughter and Grandgirl and walking around together and bookshopping and then hitting a new cappucino spot. How lucky are we to have each other? And we are all aware of this. Understanding each other. Very clear on these First World privileges that allows us to do such things for how many can't?

Daughter has MS and I've had a few health issues in the past year so the fact we are both mobile and free to celebrate these three generational events is something we never take for granted. There is almost a bitter-sweetness to it.

Connecting with friends here is also wonderful. I've missed them. I always do. Though I never second guess my decision to move to Newfoundland which has opened up my life in a way that would never have happened here in Toronto. My perfect life would allow me to spend two months of the year here, plugged in to enough family, friends, culture, art and music to fill me for the other ten months. Toronto is a wonderful, vibrant city and I love it.


  1. I'm off to my home turf in a couple of days to spend time with family. Mom is 80 and great to be with. She also appreciates the simple pleasures, we'll have breakfast out at the local spot and dinner with the youngest sibling.
    The youngest is the one who has restored her relationship with her mother after not seeing her for years. It's a good thing for both of them. And me.
    The ideal life would include a month or so in that seaside town.

  2. Sounds like an idyllic time that you will treasure, Zuleme. My youngest has been estranged from all of us for years so your mum must be overjoyed at this event!
    Enjoy yourself!

  3. Good to know that you and your family have made it safely to Trawna

  4. I well understand that "bitter-sweetness", WWW. When I recall my time with my own grandmother, and other loved ones, with whom I knew my time was limited, there was always a tiny point of near-dread at the back of my mind (or heart).
    Not enough to spoil things though, just enough to spur on the ned to enjoy as much as poss - as I'm happy to read that you two are doing. :-) I'm sure you'll have many more opportunities too.

  5. Enjoy every moment of your togetherness in the big city. I hope you can make every second count.

    It was good to see another photo of Ansa. She's such a lovely dog and that is a very pretty country road. What a nice place you live in.

    I haven't seen my daughter in almost four years and pretend it doesn't bother me.

  6. GFB:
    Long road trip but worth it!
    We just never know, though do we T? What do they say about treating each special moment as if it were one's last?
    Yes it is a special place. I'm with you on not seeing family being in much the same situation with my youngest.

  7. Nothing like just strolling round a big city taking in the sights and finding unexpected novelties and wonders. I prefer Vancouver to Toronto though. Jenny has cousins in Toronto who prefer Montreal but have better job prospects in Toronto!

  8. Do enjoy and treasure every moment. You helped me recall days out with my mother and hers. They usually involved shopping and buying hats! But, we had fun and laughter.

    The independence of living alone is one thing, but there are days when you really need a hug!


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