Monday, September 12, 2011

Blog Jam and 9/11

Well from Friday on I got worse and worse, to the point when having dinner with a friend I couldn't finish it (you'd have to know me to know I never go off my feed). Every bone in my body ached, my glands were swollen, my head was stuffed. Daughter said I must be the canary in the coalmine. By Sunday, after a couple of sleepless nights I decided to pack up and leave. Quickly.

Thanks for all the support on this. I have researched smog in Toronto and even though hundreds (maybe thousands?) die of it each year, there is very little research as to symptoms and long term effects. It is scary. I am reminded of my naturopathic doctor who, about a decade ago, performed research on behalf of the government into the pollution in Toronto and presented her papers in Ottawa and promptly moved far away telling me before she left that it was one of the most toxic cities on the planet.

I am taking it easy driving myself and Ansa across the country (it's an amble, maybe a final one) and feel so much better already, my bones no longer ache, my head is clearing, my mind is not in panic attack mode. I think Daughter is correct. The air is so clean in Newfoundland that the shock of Toronto smog is unbearable to my system. I am now about 450K into a 2100K trip to the ferry.

I was over at Nick's - please go read his post on 9/11 - and composed quite a lengthy comment and to my utter frustration it vapourized, so I'm assembling my thoughts on this again.

I was out with a friend for dinner and she was discussing all the endless hooplah around the 10 year anniversary when I suddenly threw at her:

"But the terrorists have won, haven't they?"

And she leaped up in joy and said:

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! No one has said this are they all blind, deaf and dumb?"

We discussed this at length, the trillions in treasure spent on illegal invasions and "homeland security", money which could have been spent on universal health care and child poverty, infant and elder mortality (one of the highest in the "first" world) - how many more million children need to be on foodstamps and without basic healthcare - the soaring unemployment rate, the homelessness of the once middle class citizens (millions again at last count). If it was Osama Bin Laden who instigated the tragedy of 9/11 (and believe me I am totally sympathetic to the victims and their families) he must have been rubbing his hands in glee at the bankruptcy he has created in his hated USA. Mission accomplished indeed.

And speaking of Bin Laden, whatever goodwill was left for the US after these catastrophic "wars on terror", the tortures and renditions of many innocent "foreigners" along with millions massacred as "collateral damage" - half estimated to be young children - the final nail in the coffin of moral high ground was the manner in which he and his wife were murdered in cold blood, in a country they had no permission to be in, without trial, and the bodies thrown out at sea. Justice. Frontier style. Government as lynch mob.

I am enraged for my many American friends and those who read my blog who have my total respect and admiration and who are witnesses to their country being so thoroughly trashed in the decade since 9/11 with their treasure stolen for the oligarchs in fruitless foreign invasions and massacres.

The opportunity for continued world peace was wasted and the continuing global economic havoc and instability will not be over in my lifetime, if ever.


  1. Glad you're recovering from the Toronto toxins.

    I couldn't agree more with your conclusions on the decade since 9/11. Indeed, the terrorists must be cock-a-hoop at the way the USA government has blundered around like a bull in a china shop, just doing the country more and more damage. As you say, they've squandered a chance to promote world peace by promoting exactly the opposite.

    Re your commenting problem - I always save my comments before I publish them, just in case.

  2. You said it.
    Here too we don't officially like to criticise the US for their actions (there's that 'special relationship' rubbish), but privately there are many who agree with what you are saying. I have also seen a few brave bloggers raise their heads above the parapet.

    This does not belittle the victims of 9/11 but US policy, as it is,is never going to get the world to change.

    Glad you're feeling a bit better already.

  3. It takes us awhile sometimes to understand the effect of what we're doing to this planet. I'm sorry that it made you sick, but it's an important lesson for everyone just how important air quality is. You're right, the air in Newfoundland is incredibly clean and despite the RDF, to be able to take gulps of fresh, clean air is a priceless gift. Safe driving.

  4. Am so pleased to hear that you're recovering from the polluted urban atmosphere, WWW - and that you hadn't picked up some out-of-season fluey virus.

    I'm all nine-elevened out, after the weekend, so will not add any further comment. You know how I feel about the whole sorry business and what it has led to.
    'Nuf said.

  5. I'm glad you are feeling better. Clean air is essential to health and well being.
    You are 100% right about the 9-11 business. Bush and his fellow criminals are mainly to blame, but all Americans share culpability. We are having a peace march here on Saturday. A hell of a lot of good it will do, but still...
    Did you read Krugman?

  6. You are absolutely right, the question is where are you now compared to 10 years ago. the amount of money spent on the needless wars could have put millions in a much better position.

  7. I am so sorry to hear of your alarming symptoms WWW. Thank goodness you are on the mend already. Sounds like you are probably right about Toronto, which I for one always assumed would have cleaner air than most American cities being further north and surrounded by more mountains and pockets of wilderness.

  8. Peeking my head above Friko's parapet to agree with you.

    Hope you continue to feel better as you head home.

  9. I'm glad you're on your way home, WWW, and out of the polluted city and all of its stresses.

    As to the wars on terror that ensued after 9/11, I can't agree with you more. I'm sorry that my country was stupid enough to politically support the invasion of Iraq. All based on false evidence. You'd have thought we'd have enough sense not to fall for that.

  10. Nick:
    I usually do but that time I was on netbook and rushing....teach me a good lesson, right? thanks for the good wishes!
    Thanks for raising your head, why are people so terrified of saying the emperor has no clothes? That is truly terrifying.
    Thank you, I already feel loads better lodged for the night in Trois Rivieres overlooking the St. Lawrence.
    Yes we are spirit sisters in this, I know. Oddly enough with 42" screens in every room I've been staying in I never turned the endless, mindless stuff on. I really have left that kind of media behind I think.
    Thanks for the link, very succint. Yes the city air must be so toxic, I already feel so much better.
    How many are asking that question? I feel the culture of fear and all those departments of misinformation (media being at the top of the list) are doing a damn fine job.
    From the little info I can ascertain the lake has a huge quantity of BPAs and the millions of cars and trucks pouring in and out the city 24/7 top up the sludge quite nicely. You can see the haze as you fly in.
    Thanks - for everything!
    If you could follow the money you'd have your answer!

  11. I am in the minority who think that Osama won. He achieved what no other power could so far. What he set in motion is one of the factors sucking the life out of the USA. That said, terror is still very much part of life in out part of the world. In India, we just had a blast that killed 13 people and injured over 100 out of who about half will be crippled for life.

    I get to feel exactly as you did when I visit Mumbai. Since Pune, where I live is up in the mountains at about 1900' above msl, it is cooler, cleaner and crisper. It is however changing with traffic and I hope that it will never change so much that it becomes like Mumbai.

  12. Smog,foul air,etc in the big cities is the price that we pay to have our way of life.
    Fortunately where I live some 240 km north of Trawna the air clear and clean and the living is easy.Should you return to Ontario sometime come north and sit a spell.

  13. Sorry to hear how ill you have been.
    I had no idea that Toronto was as polluted as that. Over here we think of Canada as a very healthy place to live (but we don't envy those long winters.)

    I guess there won't be World peace in our life times but would be good if it could all be sorted for the next couple of generations to enjoy.
    Some how, I'm not too optimistic.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. Ramana:
    You are not alone in declaring the emperor has no clothes, the cost of these endless invasions along with the tranfer of the remaining wealth into the hands of the few is the death knell for the USA. it is a democracy in name only.
    We do not read of the internal Indian tragedies in our insular media here. How awful for you. As to Mumbai, you know whereof I speak, we are best staying away from the toxic air.

    I hope to avail of some lovely Ontario blogger invites if I do return!!

    Not so healthy in our cities it appears! We may be forced into peace but our old way of life will be a very dead beast, I believe!


  15. This American agrees with you. Yes, the terrorists won. Now we make a show of keeping our nation secure when really it's just one more fear-mongering move to keep us scared and pliable. Don't get me started!

  16. I didn't realize Toronto was so toxic. I do know I feel much better after moving to the country. Sure Bin Laden won and is still winning. Imagine all those people who know one of those people killed by The West - imagine their hate - I can imagine mine. Drones - what cowardly indiscriminate weapons. Harper siding with the U.S. makes me feel ill.
    take care,

  17. Verna:
    Not forgetting the extremely wealthy military-industrial complex and their pals the bankers.

    Canada is not too far behind with our current PM.


  18. Betty:
    I've heard since that the electro-magnetic fields in TO are one of the worst in the world and contribute a lot to the cancers and ill-health afflicting so many.
    The hatred for the West would terrify all of us if we knew the extent of it.


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