Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brisk Walk along Holyrood Boardwalk.

Lupins in June in Holyrood

At Holyrood the winter hangs suspended.

Juncos stitching scallops across the sky.

Ponds glistening in white winter coats

Lying hard and low on the crouching water,

Waiting for the skeech and shuss of skates.

Speeding along the boardwalk, the dog and I

Pause and listen to the pounding of the surf

Roaring at the chattering of the beach stones,

Falling back, helpless, frothing at the mouth.


  1. Beautiful, WWW!

    I love the sound of surf - miss it now!

  2. Lupins always remind me of my mum's garden! I love the last line, "Frothing at the mouth!" I'm never happier than when I'm walking on a beach---anywhere.

  3. I could feel the cool air in my lungs as I walked along with you. Wonderful word picture.

  4. That's lovely - I can hear the waves in my mind.


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