Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Circles

When I moved to Newfoundland I left old circles of friendship behind. Most of those loving links survived my move, we are in weekly telephone conversations supplemented by emails, FB exchanges and little gifts and cards sent through old fashioned postal services.

My new circle really came to focus when I was planning my annual Nollaig na Mban which will fortuitously fall on the actual date next year, January 6th. I was overwhelmed a little when I realized that I would have to prune the list of everyone I wished to include. Prune. So in my short time out here I've made that many friends? Yes. I had to do the same thing in Toronto, prune the list. That sure brings gratitude to the forefront of my mind. My house can only take so many guests in comfort, though it has crossed my mind to have it in the community hall.

I was at my Book Club's annual pot luck yesterday. This book club has been running for 35 years. For this event we each bring a dish - I  was specifically requested to bring the same as last year which is a cheese ball - a great recipe of mine if anyone wants, just let me know. We exchange wrapped books anonymously - usually the best one we read in the past year outside of the book club choices. Some of our members are part of the St. John's Choir so they prepare and rehearse some harmonized musical pieces which are absolutely incredible. I look around the room and feel so very fortunate that I found this group of intelligent and welcoming book lovers.

The rest of my friends out here I met through my closest Newfoundland friend and her vast circle which I think encompasses all of this island. Seriously. And through my play, of course, and a few through my bill-paying work and the kindness of some of my fellow villagers who worry about my living alone.

All in all I feel very, very grateful that these new circles have included me in their midst. A later in life move could have turned out way, way differently than it has.

And for a gregarious loner such as myself, faced with pruning a list, remarkable.

Newfoundland People, salt sea.


  1. When you have to prune your guest list because you don't have the space for them all, that really shows what a friendly place Newfoundland is!

  2. What synchronicity - both of us writing about the gift of friendship.

  3. Yes, it is a gamble to move later in life, but it sounds as if you have done very well.

  4. Gimmeee, gimmeee the recipe please! A gregarious loner? That is a new one on me! Have you read Quiet by Susan Cain? You can watch her first to decide on reading or not - http://www.ted.com/talks/susan_cain_the_power_of_introverts.html

  5. And not forgetting my blogging circle!!

    Thank you all and recipes now sent to those who requested it!


  6. But how did you handle the possibility of hurt feelings in the pruning?
    Missed this first time around!

  7. But how did you handle the possibility of hurt feelings in the pruning?
    Missed this first time around!


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